Thursday, February 19, 2015

Onite 5W Portable USB LED Bulb Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We have had the opportunity to facilitate a review for the Onite 5W Portable USB LED Bulb .

We have been having some really bad weather. It has been bone-chilling cold. We have made new records since it hasn't been this cold since 1994. We are thankful in our area we have not had any power outages but we have heard about places that are having to go without power. We are praying for those that have no power.

The Onite 5W Portable USB LED Bulb would be a functional bulb to have during an emergency. This handy bulb can be used anywhere with a USB source, such as a computer, laptop, power bank, or with a cellphone charger adapter.

The Portable USB LED Bulb from Onite is made from high quality materials, that passed CE ROHS certification. The bulb has a long service life-ensuring the normal use of more than 35,000 hours. The warm white light is soft and bright with a low consumption and stable performance. It is super at saving energy, and environment protective.

The Onite Portable Bulb is useful for camping, beach tent, traveling or use it in a dormitory. This bulb is durable with a metal wire hook portability to hang or take down at any time. The bulb is designed with an on/off switch on the cord, there is no need to plug and unplug the USB Port frequently. The Onite Bulb is powered by 5V USB.

The Onite 5W Portable Bulb is unique, I find that it is more convenient that the bulb uses a USB Port. You don't have to worry about electric or batteries. I use the portable bulb on my side of the bedroom. My husband has complained that the last couple of lights I have used are too bright and he can't fall asleep. I hung the Onite bulb above my stand. It gives off a nice warm bright light but its not dazzling. My husband has yet to complain that it keeps him awake. The portable bulb is simple to use. At an affordable price from Amazon you can't go wrong, adding this to your survival and camping gear.

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