Saturday, March 7, 2015

Glow Bracelets by Super Bright Review

We received a sample in exchange for honest an unbiased review.
We had the opportunity to facilitate a review for Glow Bracelets from Super Bright .

My kids love glow sticks. The problem they usually have is the glow sticks they usually have are very cheap and do not last long. I will find glow sticks in the freezer because the trick is suppose to be that they will last longer this way. I'm not convinced of this.

The kids were really excited when we received the 100 glow bracelets and connecters from Super Bright. These premium quality bracelets are really the best glow sticks I have come across. They come in a tube containing five 8" long colors - yellow, pink, blue, orange, and green. The glow bracelets are fresh from the company, ultra bright, durable, and long lasting! They are non-toxic and CPSIA Compliant. A premium quality- perfect for safe long hours of fun.

My kids have had so much fun with these glow bracelets making necklaces, bracelets and glasses for everyone. AT one point they have them going up and down their arms and legs make believing, and playing games in the darkness of their room. When they are not using them they are strung around their room for an awesome glow during the night.

The possibilities are endless for the 100 Glow Bracelets from Super Bright, they would be great for Birthday parties, Halloween, any kind of festivities. You can purchase these cool glow sticks on Amazon .


  1. These look like so much fun. The kids would love them.

  2. My girl love these! Especially around the campfire...

  3. these do look like soo much fun, it makes you want to be a kid again!