Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter Dinner Our Way

Most likely this was the last Easter, maybe even the last holiday we will have with my father. I wanted everything to be perfect but not too perfect. Too perfect wouldn't seem like a Parker holiday. We have had some strange happenings during our family get togethers. Always amusing, that is for sure. Some one has to put on a show and let their mean self out or someone gets hurt, there have been times we missed some of our family and times we had holidays with non family members. Every holiday has definitely been filled with love and encouragement though.

The first Christmas after my mother passed I declined all invitations. My intent was to spend the day in bed as I had so many days before. I didn't want to be a killjoy to my family. Well, the joke was on me, as during my nap my sister walks into my room and says "get up, you have company." "What is she doing here"? was all I could think that quickly. I went out into my dining room and seen my brother, his son, my sister's two children, well teens and my dad. What was even more shocking was they had brought Christmas to me! Everything from the entire meal to decorations and Christmas music. Another time many years ago we all went to the hospital to have Christmas with my mother as she was having serious issues from pneumonia and no matter how hard she tried the doctor would not let her go home. My children were small and acted wild like children can but I believe she thoroughly enjoyed herself, so our mission was accomplished. In 2008 everyone came to see me in rehab, no addictions, I had fallen, shattered my ankle and my knee requiring surgery and a long stay with daily physical therapy. The staff gave us the huge staff kitchen for our celebration. Everyone had a wonderful time. They had already had the room all decorated, therefore, it was very festive. On yet another Christmas my parents and siblings came down Christmas Eve to celebrate with my family, my oldest son was four and my daughter one. The weather turned so hazardous so quickly and we received so much snow that the throughway was closed. Everyone ended up spending the night. People were sleeping everywhere but what awesome memories that night made. The next morning we had the pleasure of having brunch together and watching as my children opened what Santa had brought them.

My niece, my daughter and my sister.

Notice there is still lots of water damage from frozen, busted pipes this winter.

Back to this Easter. For two weeks I hounded people, you will be able to make it, right? You did ask for that day off, right? You are still bringing what we planned, right? If there is snow you still will make it, right? Between being an over thinker and having anxiety issues I was sure everyone was planning to ditch me and meet someplace else where I wasn't. I figured and re-figured so that everything would be the kind of holiday memories are made of. Even the house stayed spotless the last couple days before. I get to Easter morning and I had totally forgotten about pies. We are all big desert eaters. People even stop after to have pie and coffee, how could I have done that? The sky was going to fall! Before I had time to have a full on panic attack (which I often do) I noticed the long counter was filling up with deserts. The only pies were banana cream that my son made and scrumptious peanut butter pie that my sister made but there was also my pistachio salad, little dishes with blue jello, a white pad of something with peeps floating on top, they were so adorable thanks to my daughter and Pinterest. Pumpkin roll up, oh yum! My sister brought that along with the pb pie and blueberry cheesecake. We had a feast fit for the king, I hope he looked down and approved. There was ham, mashed n'gravy, sweet potatoes, macaroni n'cheese, green bean casserole, rolls, banana bread, fruit n' yummy cream cheese dip (where would we be without pinterest)? Veggie trays n'dip, cheese n' pepperoni, pickles, olives - if anyone went home hungry that day it was their own doing. Everyone had a glass of wine with the wine glasses I am reviewing, I even took a small snip it of a video with the my wine aerator so that would be done in time for my post. I think like a blogger even on the holidays, scarey. Lol. Now just to find it, hopefully it is uploaded somewhere, my first ever video - eek!

My niece, my great nephew and my four grandchildren (the 3 with mint clothes and the little one)

All day went swimmingly. Plenty of food, plenty of deserts, lots of wine. My grandchildren, niece and nephews played their Hi Ho Cherry-O game in (their) room (at grandma's house.) There were 7 kids ages one to fifteen yet no problems at all! No bickering, tattling, or whining. Super peaceful is the only way to describe it.

My father and my very special son

Everyone was taking pictures and everyone smiled, except David, no poor sports. My dad had to be so wore out but understandably everyone wanted pictures. I'm only going to show a few, although there are dozens being shared back and forth between us. I have yet to go collect, I can't wait to see the photo's everyone else snapped! It is so simple these days to just share on line. Remember when it use to take a week, 10 days if you sent them out? Most of us never would have imagined it would soon take just seconds to upload and share.

Well, that was my holiday, how was yours?


  1. Im so glad your potentially last Easter went fantastic!! Having those pictures and memories will be so cherished!

  2. My Easter was so-so. It makes me happy that the day went perfect you and your family. It sounds like everyone helped out! God Bless your Dad!