Thursday, April 16, 2015

Universe Verse Book by James Lu Dunbar Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

We had the opportunity to facilitate a review for the book Universe Verse by James Lu Dunbar.

As I thought about about writing my review about this book, I wondered if it should be mentioned that if you come from a strong religious point of view, maybe you should read this before giving it to your child. Some people get controversial when it comes to God and the "Big Bang Theory". I have my own beliefs in God and of course believe science is a big part of our world, but sometimes people get aggravated when the two are combined. We certainly try to keep debate away from our blog, because every person has their own right to their thoughts and feelings, there should never be a need to argue that point. I say I have the up most respect for the individual beliefs of everyone. The opinions here are my own and honest.

Universe Verse written by James Lu Dunbar is a 98 page verse about the history of our universe. Yes, 98 pages of nicely written verse, expressing his thoughts of every major scientific milestone in the history of existence. This book is really one of book of a series of three. The book introduces things such as energy, space, time, matter, particles, solar systems and so much more.

An elderly couple, the man reminding me of Einstein, humorously guide you through the book. The illustrations are beautifully impressive. I think it was a fun read and can certainly broaden a child's thinking, and challenge them to want to learn more about the universe around them. It is an interesting and fun read, not only for children but I think some adults would also find that this book takes science and makes it interesting.

The author of Universe Verse is James "Jamie" Lu Dunbar who lives in Oakland CA, where he manages the Sirius Puppy Training School, James and Kenneth Publishers and Dog Star Daily by Day. By night, Jamie creates rhyming and illustrated educational books. He has always enjoyed learning and drawing ever since he was a little lad. He started making his own books at a very early age. In addition to writing and illustrating Jamie enjoys cooking, sports, and games of all sorts.

Over all this is a fun read with educational value, it is interesting and nicely put together.

You can purchase a copy for yourself HERE .

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