Sunday, May 17, 2015

Box4Blox Sorter and Storage for Legos (and other blocks) Review

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Legos are the toughest toys my grandchildren have to keep organized. We find them all over, they even accidentally get vacuumed up on occasion. Not too mention how many times one of us have stepped on one. Box4Blox has created a solution for organizing all those Legos.

Box4blox, the award-winning toy storage solution for organizing and storing Legos, was voted "Best new home organizing product of the year" by the National Association of Professional Organizers. Box4blox eliminates the hassles of keeping Legos organized and actually makes clean up time fun.

Box4Blox works like a coin sorter, by grading the Lego pieces through a series of trays with different sized grids, each Lego brick ends up in a tray with similar sized pieces. This makes finding the little bits that end up in the bottom tray.

The Box4Blox is an attractive functional design, it's a ten and quarter inch brightly covered cube manufactured from ABS plastic, it is the same high quality plastic used in manufacturing Legos. The box holds up To approximately 1500-1700 Legos bricks. The Box4Blox consists of four stacking bins and a top. Only the bottom Green bin has a solid bottom and the other three are sisters with a grid on the bottom with different size openings. Using this system allows you to place Legos in the top stacked bin and shake gently and tilt, the Legos will be sifted and sorted into like sizes.

Box4blox is absolutely great! I love it, and the grandchildren are finally making sure their Legos are all picked up. The youngest isn't even aware that he is helping to clean them up, he thinks it's just another part of the play. It is an ideal accessory for all Lego lovers.

Box4Blox is available exclusively online. You can purchase Box4Blox HERE .

You can connect with Box4Blox via Facebook and Box4Blox Website .


  1. I love this! This is so nice to sort out the legos, my girls don't play with legos (or at least not yet). I can think of a lot of moms that would really love this product!

  2. This looks like a great way to keep kids entertained. It's also nice to keep the legos organized. I like how it sorts them. I love that it is made in the USA. This is a very creative idea.

  3. I love this idea - I live in a small apartments and I am a huge fan of fun+functional items - especially if they involve discreet storage. Will definitely be looking into one of these.