Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I'm Back and With Exciting News

Hi All, Christina's Back!

There I go again, talking of myself in the 3rd person. They say people who do that are selfish ones. I'm not selfish, promise! I realize I have not been on as much as I should and I've missed a bunch of the happenings 'round this place. What do ya say to dustin' the cobwebs outta my corner and gettin' this place rockin'?

Mom and Brandi are great at what they do but I like fun things like surprises and I have a blog one. My hubby, kids and I are very excited and happy to tell you we are 10 weeks along with baby #4. Dad, Kayla, Dylan and I would like another boy (to even things out a bit.) Princess Leah would very much like a baby girl. We are deciding if we want to know. We have known with each of the other 3 at 20-22 weeks. It sure makes it easier but how cool to build the excitement til his or her special day? It wasn't that many decades ago, that was the only way for mommies and daddies to find out, bar having a super expensive sonogram and go to a big city to have it performed. All these ideas are running through my ahead along with starting the baby thing all over again. Kayla is in 3rd grade, Dylan in 1st and Leah in Pre K, this would have been my first year with all 3 in school full time. Also with hubby and I both working the money is nice. We wanted our children to grow up close together though and waiting would have taken that dream away. It might have been oh just one more new vehicle or til I have my 5 years in or til he makes plant supervisor (not just the best under supervisor a factory could have), which will still remain our goals just a bit slower and with another family member to love, cherish, cuddle along the way...

Do you know what all this means for the blog (besides monthly updates, pregnancy reports and pics)? Time for a Baby Shower Gift Guide! Starting with some fine lotions cus I love them, and really get to needing them after awhile. Be on the look out for things of that nature starting next month!

We are due Dec. 6th. How many children do you have and can you remember any of your due dates?


  1. WONDERFUL news! As we say in Chinese, Mazel Tov! (And BTW, December 6th is my mom's birthday!) I just have 1 child - her due date was July 11th (MY birthday), but she waited a week and arrived on July 18th.

  2. Thank-You! Do they ever come right on time? lol

  3. Congratulations! That is fantastic news. Your going to have a lot to celebrate this coming December.

  4. Congratulations! Wonderful news! And yes we expect and want those motherly posts, updates, and pics. Just wait until Princess Leah decides she should name him or her. :)