Sunday, May 24, 2015

My Carry Potty Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We have had the opportunity to facilitate a review for The My Carry Potty.

Potty training can be a difficult time for some children. We have been working on potty training my grandson for over a year. Our two biggest issues is getting him to understand that when he is in the middle of playing if he feels the need to go to the bathroom he needs to stop playing and when he is done in the bathroom he can return to play. The other issue is he is very funny about taking a bowel movement In anything other than his own potty and he does not like an audience. This causes him to just find a private corner and go in his pants a lot of the time.

I was thankful to get this review of the My Carry Potty. I introduced my grandson to his new potty and was surprised that he really loved it. I thought we might have a problem saying goodbye to the old potty. He loves that it is just his, we can take it on the go with us and he can still feel secure about using his own potty when we are away from home. It's lightweight even he can carry it around, which seems to make him feel like a big boy.

The My Carry Potty is lightweight,odor and leak proof. There are no bags needed. This training potty was designed with a unique lid that provides a completely watertight and odor proof seal making it nice enough to take anywhere. It is available in 3 different colors, and is more attractive and lots more fun than a regular potty chair.

The My Carry Potty was designed by mom Amanda Jenner and a potty training expert. Amanda, a mother of three came up with the idea of My Carry Potty almost 15 years ago. An embarrassing situation inspired the thinking behind this innovative new product, while training her oldest child. Amanda's son would only ever used his own Potty which meant taking it everywhere with her. In a busy Mall one day, her son had to go. She received some disapproving glares as she disposed of the contents down the nearest drain. This got her thinking that there had to be a better way.15 years later she now believes she has the perfect product to successfully help you through potty training.

Amanda has quickly become known as UK's potty training expert, with 18 years of parenting experience she is passionate about helping parents and children worldwide to combat the challenges of potty training and the many more miles stone as they grow. Amanda created a potty training program that will be used throughout nursery schools worldwide, this will not only help parents and nursery schools save money it will also help our environment.

At My Carry Potty Web site you can download a free potty training certificate and potty chart. They have some very useful tips to share about potty training. This My Carry Potty has made a positive improvement with potty training our grandson. We don't have to worry about buying no expensive bags for it. Our little guy loves his little Yellow bee potty. It's very lightweight no problems with just picking it up on the go.

Are you potty training right now? Do you have any great tips about potty training in in you would like to share? Leave us some in the comments we would love to hear them!

You can connect with My Carry Potty via Their Website

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