Sunday, May 17, 2015

WEDGIT Imagination Set Review

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We had the opportunity to facilitate a review for WEDGIT Imagination Set .

When we look for new toys for our toddler grandson, although he is only 16 months, we look for interesting toys with an educational value. One of our recent favorites is a building toy called WEDGITS.

This 15 piece set of uniquely shaped blocks includes Geometric Shapes, òr Rhombus, Òctahedron, square, 90 degree parts and elongated arms. The WEDGITS are brightly colored and can be stacked, nested or wedged together. The recommended age is 2 to 6, but even Brandi's 11 year old gets in on the fun.

It is important for children to use their imagination and be creative, especially in the world of technology we live in. I often see 2 and 3 year Old children on tablets and Smart phones and their not learning proper motor and developmental skills. When they use their creativity their developing cognitive, social, physical, and emotional skills they need to thrive.

WEDGITS are challenging and fun. They have been earning awards for over a decade. Some impressive honors include 2002 Learning Magazine Teacher's Choice Award, the 2001 Parents Silver Honor Award and the 1998 Parenting Magazine Toy of the year award.

We received the Starter WEDGITS set, which we find is great to take along to Doctor's appointments, restaurants, and even when we go visiting. The kids love creating towers and dungeons, robots and many other creations. For older children there are sets So that they can create big stuff.

WEDGITS will provide your child with hours of fun! You can purchase WEDGITS Imagination Set HERE

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  1. This looks like something my little one would love to dive into. She loves anything to take apart and put back together. She has a very curious mind and this looks as if it can hold her attention for more than a few minutes. Thank you for your review, very nice :)