Friday, June 19, 2015

bky Kid Interactive Tee Shirt Review

Father's Day is a little over a week away. Are you prepared to show that special dad in your life how great he is? We don't have any grand plans for that weekend, then again we never make those kinds of celebration days about money. We like to focus more on the simplicity of just being together and enjoying one another. The gifts we get each other are usually D.I.Y or crafted gifts. We love receiving those gifts from the kids, those are what we treasure the most. If we buy gifts their usually personalized or they have a special meaning of some kind. I came across a great Etsy Store with just such gifts.

bky kid is a featured store on Etsy ran by a woman named Becky, her husband Adam and their friend Joe. After looking at the cute shirts they offered, I reached out to Becky and asked if I could do a review. She kindly responded and sent me the Father and Son matching Tees.

These shirts are so cute, and they fit my husband and my grandson well. My grandson was really excited that he got a shirt that was exactly like his Papa's. What we liked most is that there is roads printed on the back of my husband's shirt, so he laid on the floor and while my grandson pushed his cars around the roads on his back. Whats more is there is a simple story to go along with the printed roads on my husband's back. It told a story and gave him simple instructions about where to push his car. He listened and followed directions while Spending playtime with us. Of course my husband got to be the lucky one and receive the massage out of it. Maybe that nice shirt will fit Nana, she will borrow it from Papa every Now and again for her own massage!

bky Kid offers a variety of interactive tees, and just added some Birthday tees for toddlers, and they have some more great ideas coming out soon. I think it's a great idea for father's day, or a birthday.

You can purchase your own via Their Etsy Shop .

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