Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bonnie Bear Plush Toy Review

We received a sample in exchange for our honest an unbiased review.

We had the opportunity to facilitate a review for Bonnie the Bear from Baby First Corporation.

When Bonnie the Bear arrived my grandson who is four recognized the doll from Baby First T.V. He was excited to help show Baby Brandi Lynn her new doll. Little Brandi Lynn loves Bonnie the Bear. She isn't much bigger than the doll right now, which is 12" high. We lay her next to it and she likes looking at the pattern on Bonnie the Bears dress. I think her favorite feature of the doll is the twirly thing on the top which she pulls and slobber on daily.

Bonnie the Bear is an adorable plush doll and just the right size for babies and toddlers. It is soft, cozy and snuggable. It free-stands. We usually have Bonnie standing on Brandi Lynn's changing table, the only time she gets knocked over is when the baby pulls her over.

Being that Brandi Lynn is only 5 months old I wanted to make sure that the doll was completely safe for her to play with- and it is. The doll is well made and stitched tightly. All the dolls parts are stitched on securely including that twirly thing on top. A big plus for Bonnie the Bear is that it's hand washable. We would recommend this doll to other babies. There isn't many stuffed animals I would allow Brandi Lynn to play with because they are so flimsy made, but Bonnie the Bear is quality made.

Bonnie the Bear is found on Amazon, your children can also find her on Baby First T.V. Together her and her best friend Mr Gramophone create colorful paintings from sounds that she hears. In every episode Mr Gramophone has 3 different sounds of common themes To play for Bonnie.Its up to Bonnie to recognize them and then Paint them.

This great plush doll will last a very long time, pass it from one child to the next. She would be great as a birthday gift!

You can purchase Bear HERE

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  1. This is such a cute plush teddy bear that would be great as a gift to my niece. She has a lot of stuffed animals in her room and loves playing with them. I think this one is perfect for her!