Saturday, June 20, 2015

Cloth Diaper Review from The Little Bee Co.

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We had the opportunity to facilitate a review of a cloth diaper from Little Beeco.

Until a few years ago I had not realized the Cloth Diaper Technology had evolved. I think I decided to stay ignorant about it, because of the scary stories my grandma told me about endless hours of cleaning "poo" out of cloth diapers, then boiling and sterilizing them. There is no more of any of that now, cloth diapering is not any harder than using the disposables. I wish now I had paid more attention years ago to all the reasons why cloth diapering is the wisest and safest choice.

Did you know you will change over 7,000 disposable diapers until your child is a toddler? Not only does this end up costing a few thousand dollars but these diapers end sitting in landfills taking 200-500 years to decompose!

There are many convenient cloth diapers to choose from nowadays. You can even find cloth diaper instructors online to advise and help you gain the simple knowledge to cloth diapering.

I just received a cloth diaper from the Little Beeco to facilitate a review. If you are thinking about cloth diapering or you already cloth diaper you should check out all the great cloth diapers at the Little Beeco. Their mission "Bee Changed and Change The World" is a definite encouragement!

For every diaper purchased they will donate one to a baby in need. Once enough diapers are collected for each baby of one entire orphanage/ facility a "Diaper Drop is organized to deliver the diapers and help in assisting caregivers with transition to modern cloth.

The diapers that are shipped to these third world orphans enable a healthier diapering system and comfort, they otherwise would not receive. These poor precious babies are often Only diaper ed in unsanitary rags. The mission of Little Beeco is their core.


I received the Bee Changed Micro Pocket One Size. Each diaper Represents a country and the one I chose is the Peruvian Zigzag OS. I love the design it is a Chevron green/teal. The diapers are on-site pocket diapers that include two microfiber inserts, a full size adjustable insert which can snap together or be worn separately. The diapers fit most babies 8-35lbs.

The Features Of the Diaper:

  • *No cover needed/ waterproof PUL outer
  • *Adjustable clean snap front design wrap and go feature to eliminate messy diaper storage and to accommodate the tiniest waste as a crossover snap design
  • *Stay dry micro inner lining
  • *Specially designed leak guard front elastic
    These cloth diapers from Little Beeco are on my top favorites. I love the designs they have, you can match up all your outfits. There are two rows of snaps that will help while our baby girl grows. She was very comfortable and able to move around. I put her to bed with both inserts inside, and was happy to see she didn't pee through by morning. The cost and the mission of Little Beeco make them definitely worth it!

    You can connect with The Little Bee Co via The Little Bee Co. Facebook Page , @TheLittleBeeco , Pinterest , You Tube and The Little Bee Co. Website .

    1. I wish we could afford to buy more diapers from the Little Bee Co; I LOVE their mission of sending a free diaper to babies in need around the world for every cloth diaper that is purchased. I've been really wanting to try their ultra cool pocket diaper with cotton/bamboo/cool fabric blend lining, it sounds like the perfect combination!

    2. I've been wanting to try this brand of diaper. I love their buy one give one program. It great to help others in need.

    3. I love their mission. I love that they give to those in need. I hope to buy one or two of their diapers soon so that I cant try them out.

    4. I think it's really disturbing how many disposable diapers are thrown into our landfills every year. I also love Little Bee Co's mission!

    5. That's so cool that each diaper represents a country! I'm definitely checking these out.

    6. That's so cool that each diaper represents a country! I'm definitely checking these out.