Friday, June 5, 2015

SnappyHappy Selfie Stick Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We had the opportunity to facilitate a review for SnappyHappy Selfie Stick.

The SnappyHappy let's you be in control. You can now take fun photos with your friends without having to ask a stranger to snap some pictures. You and the family can cuddle and take your own group selfie.

This is and kid friendly design unlike most other selfie sticks on the market. SnappyHappy has no Small parts that can get lost or broken. So it's okay if the kids play with it. It's kid tough!

The SnappyHappy is very compact and do foods into just 8 inches. They and dreams simple and easy to use. It comes with and dreams rechargeable USB Bluetooth control that allows you to pair it with your Android or iPhone to take selfies remotely and trouble free. The long battery life means hours of happily snapping selfie before recharging is necessary. The SnappyHappy fits all sizes of iPhone and Android Smartphone seven the iPhone 6 plus and the Galaxy Note and 4. Unfortunately It will not fit an iPad.

The SnappyHappy comes with a free sling grip and lifetime warranty. SnappyHappy is extendable up to 40 inches and includes a rugged spring-loaded phone clamp that will never wear out. If for some reason it does break SnappyHappy has a lifetime guarantee if for any reason it breaks it will be replaced no questions asked.

My teen loves this as he is joked with in his youth group about how many selfie he takes of himself.

You can purchase HERE .

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