Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Little Big Pillow Review

We received a sample in exchange for honest an unbiased review.

My grandson has recently started demanding a pillow at bedtime. For safety reasons we have never had anything other than his sheet and blanket on his bed. We decided when he started asking for a pillow that he was old enough now to sleep with one. We have been letting him have one off our bed, until I had come across the "My Little Big Pillows" and they agreed let us facilitate a review. A toddler pillow, how cool is that!

The Little Big Pillows from Snugg Organic Pillows is a hypoallergenic toddler pillow and pillowcase with 100% organic Pure shredded latex filling which provides a chemical free and healthier sleep for your little ones. The latex has an infinite bounce, offering ultimate long lasting comfort and durability. Their the perfect pillows for children age 2 and older.

The pillow is the perfect size for our grandson, 20" by "14 by 3". This bigger size lasts from the crib stage until the first grade. This super soft bouncy pillow are antibacterial and repels dust mites. These are the best choice for kids who suffer from allergies and asthma. The new latex smell of the pillows should not be confused with chemicals, they are natural, and not off-putting. The smell will go away in time. The pillow and pillowcase is machine washable. Which is great being as they are for toddlers. The pillow case has a concealed zipper, and they will hold their shape for over ten years!

The Little Big Pillow was created by a mum with two children for other families who care that their children are sleeping on quality materials. Snugg Organic Pillows care about providing solutions for children to sleep safely and comfortably. They also care about making premium materials and fillings affordable for parents. They take care and pride in the quality of their pillows and believe in having sincere integrity with their customers.

My grandson doesn't go to sleep without his pillow, he really loves it. The Little Big Pillows are quality made, and free of chemicals. I'm going to be purchasing our granddaughter one just as soon as she is old enough for her own pillow. Their affordable with a lifetime guarantee. I would recommend these to other parents Looking for comfortable safe sleeping materials for their children.

You can connect with The Little Big Pillow via The Big Little Pillow .


  1. I did not even know that they made toddler pillows! I think this is great because a toddler should not be sleeping on a big adult pillow. I like this pillow for my nephew!

  2. This is a wonderful idea, and so perfect! One less worry, too, for instance, some adult pillows are really quite heavy and of materials not the safest. Good find!