Monday, July 27, 2015

Savvy Baby Stroller Organizer Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

The SavvyBaby Stroller Organizer is a wonderful product for organizing the babies stuff when we are going for a walk. Instead of having to stop and dig through a diaper bag this helps so everything is in a reachable location.

The organizer comes in two different prints, a grey, white and black chevron style and a sleek black one. Both are modern and stylish. With the purchase of the organizer you will also receive either a snack or toy leash.

The stroller organizer is durable, lightweight and compact. When you are not using it, it will fold up right with the stroller. It will fit most any stroller without a problem. The material it is made from is neoprene which makes it easy to wipe clean. Installing this is very simple. It comes with a velcro strap on each side that loops around the handle of the stroller.

It is the perfect compact size, yet you will be amazed at how much will fit inside. The main compartment of the organizer is nicely divided into three sections. The front pocket functions as a detachable wallet. The middle section holds large items while the side sections will hold water bottles and large sippy cups. The two well insulated drink holders were designed to prevent spills. A zip off pouch allows you to carry your money or other valuables with a convenient wrist strap. I really like this for going in a store for a quick minute I just get Brandi Lynn and zip off the front compartment which always has my little wallet and keys.

I would recommend this organizer to other parents. It is spacious, stylish, and easy to clean. SavvyBaby guarantees satisfaction, they want you to have a great experience with their products.

You can Purchase The Savvy Baby Stroller Organizer HERE


  1. This would be great to use for my mom's walker. She likes to take her essentials everywhere with her but uses a walker to help her walk. This would fit right on it and would help greatly. I will tell her about this. Thanks for the review.

  2. This looks like a great organizer! I know my sister could use one for her stroller.