Monday, August 31, 2015

Liquid Chalk Ink Markers by CHALKOLA

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

When we received the 10 pack of premium neon colored markers from Chalkola, my daughter was excited to decorate the windows of our vehicle with them. She drew a football on one window then on another banana (those Minions), flowers etc My 7 year old son plays tag football and decorating the car windows was a great way to show him and his team our support. Don't worry *snicker* I'll keep practicing so as not to embarrass him at any important games. CHALKOLA just made the whole experience so easy.

CHALKOLA chalk markers are 10 neon colored, premium, wet wipe markers. The vibrant fluorescent colors are widely used across the USA by artists, crafters and parents. These chalk markers have replaced the regular chalk that leads to dust, dull art and a point that is not so great. CHALKOLA dry erase markers are a great option for bold and smooth letters that can't be smudged. They are very easy to write with, they can be used for things such as message boards, car windows, mirror's, classroom chalkboards, cafe menus and great to add to your teacher supplies.

What separates CHALKOLA from the rest is the quality tips made in Japan and their amazingly bright ink. They have gone to great lengths to source the highest quality components that are enjoyed by artist and crafters all over the USA. Every pack comes with ten great colors- red, white green, orange, yellow, black, purple, blue, brown and pink. The ink dries completely to a paint like, smudge proof finish giving it a metallic acrylic oil paint and watercolor feel. The 5.5 mm bullet tip wipes with a damp cloth and removes completely and easily from non-porous surfaces. The erasable pens are not messy they are children friendly, removed - no stains, long storage life and noise free (music to my ears)!

We think that these markers did a great job helping us to show team spirit. I'm quite surprised that their not dried up after all the car window decorating but their still good to go for whatever project the kids and I tackle next. The markers are kid friendly and toxic free. They are thankfully not messy. They are said to have a long storage life, which is nice because how many times do you have to throw away markers only due to the fact they have not been used in awhile?

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  1. I have never seen these, very cool. I could come up with a lot of creative things, especially decorate the car on game day for tailgating :)

  2. I agree, now that we have had them longer we have used them for organizing, crafting etc