Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New Sweet Beginnings Cloth Diaper from FuzziBunz Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We had the opportunity to facilitate a review for a cloth diaper from FuzziBunz new Sweet Beginnings line.

Up until a few years ago when my first grandchild came along I thought of cloth diapering as a messy job, I never decided to take part in when my kids were babies. A tiny piece of cloth and safety pins with plastic panty covers were not my forte. I realized after my first grandsons birth cloth diapering was a whole new ballgame. It is no longer about those big pointy safety pins and is no longer widely thought about as a "messy and painful job" . Companies like FuzziBunz are here to tell you it's no longer harder really than a load of dirty laundry. There are many good reasons to choose cloth diapering over disposables. If there had been companies such as FuzziBunz when my kids were babies, knowing what I now know I would have chosen cloth diapering.

FuzziBunz gives you their four top reasons for choosing cloth diapers over disposables. The first being disposable diapers can be hard on the budget. With the average parent using around 5500 diapers in the first two years, they can save an average of 2,000 or more.

The second and third reason is cloth diapers are much safer for our environment and children being they are chemical free. One child leaves about 2,000 lbs of landfill waste using disposable diapers. By using cloth diapers you keep chemicals, plastic and paper away from your babies sensitive skin.

If the impact on the environment, cost and health didn't get you the cuteness factor will!

The new cloth diapers in the Sweet Beginnings line comes in vibrant stylish colors. They are durable with superior quality. FuzziBunz will last for years. I like that, you can save more money by putting these excellent cloth diapers away for a future little one. Every cloth diaper comes with a hemp\ cotton insert that has greater absorption. Their unique and adjustable style provides the baby with a custom fit.

We received a pretty pink cloth diaper from FuzziBunz new line, Sweet Beginnings. I really really liked the way this cloth diaper fit my granddaughter. Brandi Lynn was comfortable and more dry after wearing the cloth diaper a whole night. The hemp insert is large and soft, I also like the contour shape. The adjustable snaps made fitting it to her waist easy, and as she grows I can adjust it. The waist band is wide with double stitching. The outer part of the diaper is waterproof PUL. The cloth diaper features a soft elastic pocket opening. It's durable, easy to use, is great quality, and going to last through more of my precious grandchildren and they cute... There is nothing about FuzziBunz cloth diapers not to like!

The Social Butterfly Co. and FuzziBunz would like to invite you to try Sweet Beginnings!

​ The FuzziBunz® story began in 1999 when a young mother’s pediatrician insisted that chemical-laden disposable diapers caused her son’s constant diaper rash.

Disappointed with her search for a reusable diaper system that would fit into her busy life as a new mom. Old-fashioned cloth diapers were hard to use and a mess to launder since the product had not been changed in decades.

Her desperate journey to ease her son’s diaper rash led her to invent the original FuzziBunz cloth diapers in 1999. Little did she realize at the time that her cloth reusable baby diapers would be an invention that was the catalyst that would put the entire modern cloth diapering industry in motion.

Sweet Beginnings, the new collection by FuzziBunz is here! We are excited to debut this much anticipated new line of exciting prints and vibrant solids that include an organic hemp/cotton insert with each diaper. But that's not all! Coordinating zippered wet bags, hanging diaper pails, double-sided wonder wipes, stay dry nursing pads and comfort pads for Mom, are all a part of the new collection. Check out the Sweet Beginning collection today!

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  1. I think if cloth diapers had been this adorable when my kids were born I might have given it more effort!

  2. These cloth diapers are adorable. I used cloth diapers, and I wish I would have used the colorful diapers because they look so much better than the plain white diapers!

  3. If cloth diapers had been this nice and easy when my son was growing-up, I'd have used them. I tried using them with him but, wow, it was a mess. Now, we use them with my grandson. These designs are adorable!

  4. Wish I'd had something like this 40 years ago. Very handy.

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