Monday, September 7, 2015

The First of Our Family's Dirty Little Secrets Pt 1

When I was very young I had a step grandfather which I truly loved and thought the world of. My parents always made sure I knew he was my step grandfather. I knew my real grandfather but everyone especially my grandmother told me I didn't need to see him, he was no good. That really peeked my curiosity. After all that was really mean of her to say that, did he pull hair, break toys, call people names? He couldn't be that bad, he was my daddy's dad. He had never been mean to me.

On the ride home from my grandmother's house one week-end (it took about 2 hours) I heard my mom and dad a bit loud. They must have thought all four of us children were asleep because I heard my mom say my grandmother's word was good enough for her. Now hearing that was strange, my mother visited with my grandmother many hours every time we visited but I felt like she didn't really like her or at least not a lot of what she did. Skip ahead 10 years and I realized it was what we call gossip and she was jealous of the way my grandmother doted on her daughter (my aunt) and her kids which lived quite near, compared to our family, although at eight it was very hard to understand. Then mom said you move your damn father in and the kids and I are moving out. I had never heard such a thing come from my mother's mouth. They continued with silent whispering until I fell asleep.

A few days past before things began to change. My mother and father were moving furniture around a lot. Our dining room was dressed with curtains and a bed was put in there also. Next a cupboard, a trash can and odd n end things. At dinner my mother said my grandfather was coming to visit for awhile because he was sober and needed a place to stay where he could stay that way. I remember because this was all out of the norm. My family did the same things all the time. Mom would take us to the Girl's Club, drop me off then come get me. She would take us to the swim mobile and the children not swimming usually walked to a little park and on the way would get a pop to share because "pop was a terrible thing for children to drink." We always went with my mom rather to the store shopping or wherever one or more of us kids needed to go. I was allowed to walk home from school by myself because it was straight up a steep hill and to long of a walk for the other kids. My dad used the car for work. Then was dinner, baths and bed unless it was Friday. On Friday night The Brady Bunch and eventually The Partridge family would be on T.V. then straight to bed.

I came home from school one day and there was my grandfather sitting. He said hi Peanut. I smiled, he smiled then my mom came in and took me directly to the kitchen. You stay away from him unless your father or I are right there. I was to curios for that, I sneaked in to talk to my old grandfather every chance I got. He had lots of stories to tell especially about my father when he was young. I decided he couldn't be "no good" like my grandma had said. He was way to kind and nice to everyone. My mom talked nicely to him but she didn't like him much. My dad seemed a little different. Sometimes he would laugh and joke with him and other times he was ornery acting but NOT to my grandfather.


  1. Loved reading this,... eager to know the next part of it,...

  2. Thank-you, I'm glad you liked reading it. The 2nd part is coming very soon.