Friday, October 2, 2015

Classic Upwords Game by Winning Moves Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

As a family, having a game night is important to us, just being together having laughs and fun. Some of our favorite games are word games. We have some great word debates. I received Upwords from Winning Moves to facilitate a review and we are having some great times with this game. It is on our top five favorites.

What is so fun about Upwards? Upwords made its debut in the 1980's. It's a stackable word game for 2 to 4 players ages 10 and up. Players make a word, and add letters to the word to create more more words to gain more points.

Upwords comes with a plastic gameboard unit with 8" x 8" grid, and four plastic tile racks. It also contains 64 letter tiles and illustrated instructions.

Winning Moves makes it easy and affordable to build your game collection. My husband and I love the classic games that bring back memories from our childhood. We love that we can now share these great games with our children.

Four highly esteemed game industry professionals founded Winning Moves in 1995. Since their first year of operation they have forged a close relationship with one of the worlds largest game companies, Hasbro Inc, owner of Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley. As a result, many long lived Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley games are now made exclusively by Winning Moves.
With a talented group of game developers and marketers Winning Moves mission is to provide happiness to their consumers by offering classic, retro, cool and fun games to play with friends and family.

You can connect with Winning Moves Games via Facebook , @WinningMovesUSA , Pinterest , You Tube and Winning Moves Games Website .


  1. Our family loves UpWords, great game that is totally underrated.

  2. I love this game. It's a good way to have fun with your kids and help them with spelling.

  3. I haven't played upwords in forever