Thursday, October 8, 2015

Premium Anvil Pruner with Finger Protection Handle from Davaon Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

Using the Davaon Pruners made clearing beside our house seem so easy. First there is brush and plants with thorns. Then small thin types or trees or thick tall plants. Next start the bigger trees which we leave to have some privacy from the neighbors. Our Davaon Pruners took to that mess like a boss. Cutting an clearing with ease. I wish I had switched out my pair for a Davaon pair a long time ago. My son thinks he needs mine - ha!

Do you need to get out in the yard and trim back those bushes before the cold weather is upon us? Or maybe there is other work in the garden that needs tending. I suggest thinking about the premium quality Anvil pruning shears from Davaon.

The Anvil pruners are for the professional and novice Gardner. Their ideal for hedges, dead, dried out and wet branches. The strong Metal Anvil grips branches and keeps in place while the hardened razor sharp carbon steel upper blade slices through with ease. It will stop branch twisting and cut through the first time saving time. This pruner is stronger and longer lasting. Trimming is made easier and more comfortable with the latest design rotating handle. This great benefit rotates with your hand grips natural movement. It gives a more comfy grip and more cutting power with less effort required. The wider shield design is an essential protection feature which keeps your fingers protected from rough branches and thorns. Use it too even push branches away while trimming. This premium quality, tough, rugged design was built to last longer. It's been made from high quality durable material with , aluminum structure for lighter weight strength and long lasting comfortable grips a safety lock and grip size for men and women.

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  1. I hate trimming my rose bushes because of the thorns but this is a truly great invention. I love it!

  2. These look like great pruners. I have so much pruning to do. These would be perfect. I really like the handle as I could use my whole hand for strength.

  3. These look like they'd be comfortable for doing yard trimming with. I like how the handles are shaped.

  4. These look like they'd be comfortable for doing yard trimming with. I like how the handles are shaped.

  5. Great review! Seriously considering getting a pair of these pruners.