Sunday, November 15, 2015

Good Night Lad Book Plus App Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

Now days, it is especially hard to get books into the hands of children. They all want their Smart Phones and other devices. Even my four year old grandson would rather be watching toy reviews on you tube. No joke, he really spends a lot of time watching toy reviews. I always loved reading and I still have hundreds of books besides a Kindle. Bradley Grimm has come up with a way to get that book in their hands and use technology, a compromise of sorts. I'd say this was pretty ingenious of him to think of it.

Bradley Grimm is a software developer from Utah, who created Goodnight Lad, a children's book with an augmented reality companion app. By pointing your android or iOS device at the pages of the book, the story comes to life with 3D animations.

About the book:
Logan is a little lad who liked to play and laugh. He liked to play and laugh through the day and all night. Goodnight LAD follows a family, as they take their little lad, Logan on a fabulous adventure in attempt to get him to finally fall asleep.

What is cool about this book? The augmented reality companion app. Literally the story comes alive in 3D! Using the app with the book was quite a bit of fun for me and the kids. I believe my grandson truly believes the book is magical. A narrator can even read the story allowed to children, and every word that is said will light up. The narrator can be manually chosen or change depending on the main character, Logan. There are quite a few costumes to choose from. It is really neat to get something different each time you read the book. If you happen to be reading to your little girl, you can change the main character to a beautiful little girl named Lilly. I like that you choose background music to play. It just adds to the story. Both the narration and the music can be toggled off or on. This definitely is cool, right.

Parents, I'm sure will be able to relate to the story. We have all had little ones who have not wanted the fun of the day to come to an end, and they want to play through the night. The book is almost like a musical lullaby. It is amazing, and I would love to see more children's books like this for purchase. The book is a hard book, very nice with awesome illustrations. Even if you had no device it is still very enjoyable.

You can connect with Goodnight Lad via Facebook , @snard6 , Google + and Website .

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