Monday, November 16, 2015

Honest Organic Tea and Honest Organic Fizz Zero Calorie Soda Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

My 32 year old son lives in an apartment, in the upstairs of my house. We bought the house with this in mind as he needs a little guidance. When he does something he does it obsessively. One of the things he does that is a bit obsessive is he drinks a lot. A really lot. He will only drink tea and water. For a long time it was Nestea w/sugar added. Then Nestea add your own sugar. Next it was Pure Leaf then Tops Sweet Tea and eventually back to Pure Leaf. As a mother, I am very concerned. His health is important to me. I have wanted him to try healthier drinks at no avail. He will, however, switch to a 2 quart pitch of refrigerated water about 6pm and drink it until bedtime.

When I heard about Honest Tea I had to check into it. I found information that impressed me, that made me want to give this tea a taste test. The great people at Honest Tea sent me a variety to sample. My youngest son, my daughter and I were on a mission. A mission to find a healthier solution to my oldest son's overly sugary tea habit. We tried the certified organic zero-calorie soda with a modern (and Honest) twist in root beer and orange. My oldest cannot drink anything carbonated so we knew this would not be for him. We three agreed that this soda was a good alternative to sugary drinks. I even let my 22 month old grandson have a drip mixed with the water in his sippy cup. He looked at me puzzled once then gave me a second look like "are you really giving me this, are you gonna grab it and take it away"?

We then tried the Organic Raspberry Tea in the 16.9 oz size. Immediately we could taste the raspberry juice so I read the label. It has all organic ingredients *YAY*. There is Fair Trade organic tea leaves, organic cane sugar and organic raspberry juice as the first three ingredients. I really like that. Their Organic Raspberry Tea is sweet enough but not too sweet as are the other flavors we tried of this tea. I couldn't add any of this to Zaine's water as there is a little sugar.

Third we tried the organic iced tea line , in glass bottles, that started it all. Seventy calories a bottle and brewed with fair trade tea and sugar. It comes in 13 yummy flavors plus "just" green tea and "just" black tea. I tried the Mango White Tea and I really enjoyed it. Honest to goodness delicious tea. What was our verdict? We switched the bottle of tea David had in the fridge so it would be just cold enough with a bottle of pomegranate flavored Honest Tea and he fussed but he did try it and decided he wanted to try the other flavors "because this is pretty great tea."

As an active person Seth Goldman drank lots of fluids, he was continually in search of the perfect drink to quench his thirst after a run, or game of basketball and between grad school classes. Seth found that most drinks were either too sweet or too tasteless. Barry Nalebu, Seth's professor at the Yale School of Management, found during a class discussion that he and Seth shared a passion for the idea of a less sweet but flavorful beverage. They agreed that there were tons of sweet options and lot of watery drinks but nothing in between, to fill the void in 1994.

In 1997 a few years later, Seth goes for a run with a college friend who would concoct juice drinks with him after class. As they found themselves mixing the same beverage, Seth knew then, if he was going to quench his thirst for good he would have to create the drink himself. He emailed Barry to see if he was still excited about the idea.

The timing was everything, Barry had just returned from India where he had been analyzing tea for a case study. Among other things, Barry came away with the impression that the tea American companies purchased for bottling was the dust and fannings left after all the leaves have been brewed. Barry had even came up with a name for bottled tea that was made with natural tea leaves-Honest Tea. When Seth heard the name Barry had chosen the simmering idea began to boil. It was the perfect name for an all-natural brand that would strive to create healthy and honest relationships with its customers, suppliers and the environment.

After taking a deep breath, Seth quit his job, and started brewing batches of tea in his kitchen. Five weeks later he brought thermoses of tea and a recycled bottle with a mock-up label to Fresh Fields. (Whole Foods Market) The buyer ordered 15,000 bottles. Seth and Barry were in business, if they could make that much tea. They did, and 15 years later they are still at it.

The mission at Honest Tea has not changed in 15 years: To create and promote great tasting truly healthy organic beverages.

You can connect with Honest Tea via Facebook , @HonestTea , Pinterest , You Tube , and Their Website .

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  1. I love that these beverages are organic and safe to drink! That's refreshing! I love all of the flavors to choose from. Can't wait to try them!