Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Jennie-o Turkey and Photo-Copia Sweepstakes

This is a sponsored post.

I remembered watching my grandma clean turkey she would stick her hand up the inside of the turkey to grab the "bag O Guts". Gross. I also remember watching a Jennie-O commercial for the first time too, and thinking wow there is an easier way!

Jennie O has both whole turkeys and turkey breast that come in a foolproof cooking bag. They offer garlic, herb seasoned, butter and home style. The only thing you need to do is put it in the oven. There is no thawing of the turkey required. You set the turkey inside a roasting pan, make a couple slits in the fool proof bag and let it cook. You don't even have to season it because Jennie-O already has that part covered. You won't have to make a guess about when the turkey is ready because every turkey comes with a pop up timer. When it pops up it's done. How about the cleaning up? There is no clean up because the turkey cooks in a bag.

Thanksgiving could be a breeze for you this year, you won't have to pull out the little bag of giblets because there isn't one. You don't have to prepare or clean the turkey, Jennie-O has taken care of it all. Spend that extra time with your family. Jennie-O is not only easy to cook but it tastes fabulous! You will love it, if you feed it to your guests, you will get all kinds of compliments. Because the turkey cooks inside the bag it helps keep the juices to stay in, you can use the juices for gravy. Jennie - O has some recipes on her Web site. I recommend putting a Jennie - O on your table this year, experience the deliciousness!

I just played Jennie-o's "What Kind of a Holiday Host are You?" for like the 7th time. It is really fun and not too time consuming, you should give it a try for yourself. JENNIE-O QUIZ .

Jennie-O has another fun thing coming up, they are giving everyone the opportunity to win $2,000 and a turkey with the LIVE with Kelly and Michael Photo-copia contest. Just for entering the contest, people can win $200 and a JENNIE-O OVEN READY turkey! Check out LIVE with Kelly and Michael . Good Luck Everyone!

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