Sunday, November 8, 2015

Revell Snap Tite Car Model Kit

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We had the opportunity to facilitate a review for Revell Snap Tite Car Model Kits.

When I was young, my father had shelves of car and ship models he had put together. It was a hobby of his for many years. After having my boys, who are growing up in the digital age. Everything is about technology. I like to find things for them to do that make them use their creativity and imagination. That is still important stuff. If they had it their way they would be fine playing video games and watching television all day.

Until I came across Revell I hadn't found any great models in our area. It's something my husband wanted to do with the boys through the winter months especially, and my dad said he'd love to see the boys carry on a hobby he enjoyed so much. He still has a lot of his models packed away and after our recent review of Revell Model Car Kits, he is thinking on putting some of his shelves back up and getting in on the fun. It's something I'm really happy that they can all share.

The boys had a great time putting the Revell Model Cars together. They are beginners so the snap ties were a perfect start for them. I remembered the glue and the mess my dad made years ago trying to get all his little engine pieces painted and put together. I was glad to see that with the Revell Models, we did not need any glue or paint. Though, painting is an option each kit comes with painting instructions. The models are easy to assemble, they fit perfectly together.

The Snap Tite Kits from Revell are perfect for beginners or young ones. They are easy to put together and require no glue or paint. They are mess free. Revell offers models to match practically any interest. There are car models, ship models, planes and military models. They have quite an awesome variety.

When choosing the right model from Revell, consider the builders age. They generally recommend ages 8-10. Even so, parents know their child's capabilities. Chances are your model won't be finished in one sitting, it is best to use an area that doesn't need to be disturbed for a couple days. About 3 feet x 2 feet of clear working space , and being in a well lit area is also best.If you have decided to paint remember cover that area with newspaper or inexpensive oil cloth for added protection. The only tools you will need for this Snap Tite Car Model is a side or sprue cutter to remove parts from molding tree. The other optional thing you might do is use sand paper ,sanding sticks, or an Emory board to smooth away rough edges of the plastic.

Overall the Revell Snap Tite Model Car experience was a fantastic experience, one that we plan to do again. I think my boys may have found a hobby that interests them just as much as those digital devices they love so much. These are something that one day they might share with their grandchildren, as my dad has shared his with them, and be proud that they created them. Hobbies are beneficial in so many ways. They are an expression of personal a compliment, they help to build self esteem. Children learn to set goals, make decisions and solve different problems.

Some fun to facts about the Revell process of making these great models:

It takes 12-15 months from start to finish to create a new model kit. The average kit mold weighs one and half tons. That is about the same weight as an elephant or small car! The Revell Model Car Kits are an affordable gift idea for the coming holidays, give the gift of a lasting hobby to someone you love!

Also available at Micheals.

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