Saturday, November 28, 2015

Think Fun, CodeMaster and Compose Yourself Games Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

We had the opportunity to facilitate a review for two games from Thinkfun, CodeMaster and Compose Yourself.

The kids were anxious to get these games, they are a new concept to us and we were excited to give them a go. The first game, CodeMaster, a programming logic game we were all very curious about.

CodeMaster was designed to teach the fundamentals of computer programming logic to young children without a computer. It is recommended for 8 year olds-adults and is a single player game.

The goal of CodeMaster is to use programming logic to help your avatar collect power crystals and then finish at the portal, the trick is that only one specific sequence of actions will lead to your success.

Use the guide scroll and set up the outline of your program. Determine what pieces are required to complete the level.

The kids like when a level has crystals to harvest. You have to think carefully when harvesting crystals though. It is best to visualize the end results of your program then set up colored chips. Carefully choose the colored paths you think will lead your avatar to its destination and pick up any crystals indicated along the way. There are many ways that could potentially solve the problem but only one real solution.

There is one correct path in coding this game you must use only the colored chips specified to execute your program. This game requires careful planning. If your avatar didn't make it to the portal using the correct number of colors and paths, and you didn't collect any crystals undo your moves, plan a different sequence of actions.

The kids have had success with this and quite like the challenge it presents.

CodeMaster teaches kids to apply logic to solve a problem and to visualize an outcome.

The second game we received was Compose Yourself. This was my favorite out of the two, where my kids liked the challenge of the first game. This is a music composition card game for kids. Kids can arrange and rearrange the 60 cards and input each card into the Compose Yourself website. They can hear their very own composition in seconds. It's easy and fun!

You enter codes into the computer under a blank bar of music, the music appears on the screen. You can choose to hear it in Marimba, Orchestra, or both. You can flip it upside down or delete it. My son does like how he can put it on the computer as a MP3 and then put it on his social sites. You can also print the music out.

ThinkFun was founded by husband and wife Bill Ritchie and Andrea Barthello. They had a dream to change the world through play and make learning fun. Their first product the Hexadecimal puzzle was born in their basement. ThinkFun is a respected award winning company with its fun learning products represented in over 60 countries.

You can connect with ThinkFun via Facebook , @ThinkFun , Pinterest , You Tube , Instagram and ThinkFun Website.


  1. These games both look great! My youngest son has just gotten interested in coding and I think would love CodeMaster!

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    Thanks for the great giveaway.

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  7. These both look like fun games! I think my six year old son would really love the Compose Yourself game. He'd get a real kick out of hearing the music he put together!

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