Sunday, December 6, 2015

Budsies Review

We had a recent opportunity to facilitate a review for Budsies. I find myself every year looking for meaningful unique gifts for the people on my gift list. I love to personalize my gifts as much as possible, to give them more meaning. I like giving my loved ones gifts they can treasure forever. When I came across Budsies and they agreed to let me do a review, I was ecstatic. I knew my grandson would absolutely love this.

Budsies brings artwork to life. Budsies are beautiful custom sewn stuffed animals created from any photo or drawing. My grandson loves to draw and paint, so I had him choose his favorite drawing. I knew he would be so excited to see one of his drawings turned into a stuffed animal. So after I took a picture of his drawing I uploaded to the budsie Web site.

Every few weeks you will receive an email explaining exactly what stage my your Budsie is in. The stages are;
Designs are approved
Selecting fabrics and drawing patterns
Snip and sew
Quality control and bon voyage

I really liked the customer service and communication. The whole process takes about a month until your Budsie is shipped, but you never have to wonder what's happening with it.

My grandson's Budsie arrived looking so much like the actual drawing I was really impressed. They added detail I would of thought might have been over looked. My grandson of course, was delighted. The Budsie is made with high quality materials, and is brightly colored. I think it's the coolest to have one's own artwork made into a lush stuffed animal. He does too. When I tell someone in front of him how he helped design the stuffed animal he's very proud of himself.

Budsie is based in South Florida, and first launched in August 2013 by founder and CEO Alex Furmansky. Since its start, over 13,000 Budsies have been created and sent to 63 countries around the world , including the U.S., France, India, and Australia.

To make your own Budsie, all you need to do is have your child choose from a variety of templates on or even better yet they can create their very own masterpiece. Take a picture and upload it to the site, give a short description, highlight any colors and then off it will go to be created. What's more, for every Budsie made they will also make one for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Easter Seals.

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  1. I absolutely love this!! My daughter is always drawing, to bring one of her drawings to life would be like a dream come true.