Saturday, December 5, 2015

Children Love Their Bluebee Pals Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We had the opportunity to facilitate a review for a Bluebee Pal.

What a wonderful and magical time of year this is, it's always been my favorite. Almost everywhere you look there are beautiful displays of lights and decorations. Children are writing letters to Santa. Mom's are baking, decorating and looking for that perfect gift for all of their loved ones. Speaking of gifts, we have a great gift idea to share with you.

Have you ever heard of Bluebee Pals before? I had not, but I'm so happy we came across them and my grandson has the opportunity to experience the fun of one of these interactive plush characters. These plush characters give a lot more than cuddles and hugs.

Bluebee Pals are a plush talking educational learning toy that sings, reads, and can even answer phone calls! This innovative technology includes lip synchronization that allows the animals "mouth" to move while your reading storybooks, and engaging in learning apps. This is all correct, I've seen it for myself, Bluebee Pals are a “Talking, Educational Tool", an accessory to bluetooth enabled devices: smart phones, tablets and laptops.

When our 13" Bluebee Pal arrived he brought with him an operation manual and a USB cord for charging him up. It is recommended that the Bluebee Pal is fully charged before playing with it. It was easy enough to pair the Bluebee with my tablet, and find a communication app. On the Bluebee Pals Web site they give an extensive list of apps your child can enjoy.

My grandson and his cousins had a lot of fun listening to stories and singing with the Bluebee Pal. It's now one of his favorite buddies, whom he affectionately calls EO. Why, I'm not sure. Maybe that was the sounds that came to him when he was playing with his Pal. He will be 2 December 31st and cannot yet communicate except for blue or a version of it and the word "more" in sign language. I truly believe his Bluebee Pal will be such encouragement to him. The plush 13" character is nicely made and works well. I think any child would get tons of fun out of the Bluebee Pals, and importantly not just fun but learning as well.

The Bluebee Pal is excellent for role playing. When your child is talking to the their Bluebee Pal you can control the Bluebee's response by using a communication app or by speaking into the microphone. A great tool for conversation and communication. This is a great toy that offers help with teaching your child's language skills.

Bluebee's is dedicated to helping children with special needs by recommending apps and resources that are compatible with the Bluebee Pals. Once connected your Bluebee is ready to play music, sing songs, and tell stories that will inspire and motivate children to develop their communication skills by focusing on speech, language, and auditory development. Bluebee Pals engage children by making the learning process a fun experience and providing them endless entertainment.

Founder and CEO of Kaylee Concepts, Laura Jiencke served as a consultant to a number of companies that provided America's largest retailers with adorable plush toys. As the tech toys on the market increased, Laura recognized that children's playtime was being replaced by smartphones, tablets and other technical and learning devices. Having a plush cuddly best friend had apparently become a habit of the distant past.

Intent on bringing back the plush buddy, Laura had an idea of combining the traditional plush toy design with state of the art technology. The concept of a huggable, plush animal companion that could be combined with a wide range of online digital content that would provide children with a great source of entertainment while assisting in educating and helping to develop communication skills.

The culmination of Laura's concept is the Bluebee Pals? These interactive Bluetooth buddies are able to connect the traditional with the future, while bringing fun to learning and reading. Along with a team of designers Kyle Concepts has developed partnerships with educators, therapists and app developers working toward creating innovative educational toys that incorporate cutting-edge technology, while providing an interactive learning experience for all children.

This is an excellent gift idea, give a child the gift of an interactive new best friend!

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