Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Countdown ... 3 Days Til ... HE'S HERE (Meet our new Bundle of Joy)!

Wednesday at 10:00 am, barring no problems and providing Mason doesn't try to show up early, he will arrive via c-section. We've been waiting to meet him for a long while, yet it seems like just last month my pregnancy was confirmed. I imagine, working (until last Wednesday) and due to all the fall activities our family managed to put into one, three month span of time, made it seem to fly by so much faster.

My mother made me put this picture in the post or she was gonna wait until I left and replace whichever pic I chose with one that I look awful in. The joke is on her because I don't mind this one. It is showing off the pumpkin the kids painted and designed for Mason. The pumpkin won't be around forever but the picture will.

Anyway, I'm using the computer to calm my nerves a little. Most people don't realize that a c-section is a form of major surgery. Yes, I have already had three. One in 2006, one in 2008 and the last one in 2010. I wasn't suppose to have another one for health reasons. When I was pregnant for my first child, Kayla, a few weeks before her due date I began feeling uncomfortable. I didn't feel her move as much as I had been previously. I called my Dr. who in turn told me to go directly to the labor and delivery department of our local hospital. The nurses and tech were moving around me hooking equipment to my belly to test the babies movements. Soon after a nurse left and my Dr. came in. She started talking with words I didn't really understand, although, I knew it was about my baby girl and I knew it wasn't good.

When my Dr. had finished reading the test results she called my husband over and told us that I was bleeding internally, the baby's breathing was very shallow the cord was wrapped snugly around our baby's neck. She said I had to have an emergency c-section or our baby and I may not make it through the day. There was no hesitation, we gave our content and everything went abnormally fast from that point on. I admit I was one scared woman as I believe anyone would be in the situation. Our precious baby that we had been waiting for all this time was in danger and I feared for both our lives.

I will write an informational post about Abruptio Placenta at another time. I still have vacation and Halloween posts I would like to share. My personal reason for writing this post was to let my anger work it's way out about the lack of knowledge people have, in a productive way, yet they still speak from their misinformed mouths. For the record no woman has "just another c-section" as each one has the ability to go very wrong, although most turn turn out just as they were intended to. A loving but sore mommy and sweet baby.



  1. Awwwwww! He's precious! Congrats! Such a wonderful gift to receive!

  2. Congratsulations!!!

    He is sure a beauty and I love his name,

    Hoping you feel better quickly, and many blessings

  3. Aw, he's so handsome!! Congratulations!!

  4. What a precious baby. Congratulations!

  5. Mason welcome to the world outside. Your mommy & daddy & siblings love you.

    slehan at juno dot com

  6. Love new babies (well, all babies haha), but I love the newness of life.

  7. He's precious! Congratulations. The new baby feel, smell, and love. I bet you are glowing. What a Christmas present! I can't wait for more pics and posts. Have a very blessed and merry Christmas! Take care and don't overdo.

  8. Congrats. I had 3 c-sections as well and they are so very nerve wracking.

  9. Thank-you all for the welcoming, kind words!