Saturday, December 12, 2015


We received a sample in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

We had the the opportunity to facilitate a review for the OGOBILD POD Building Balls from OGOSPORT.

I have said before that I like providing toys for the kids that are not only fun for them but have educational value. I like to watch their imaginations be activated, in this digital age it's important to make sure their still using their imaginations and creativity.

The OGOBILD is a super fun building set with lots of play possibilities. Children from pre-school age and up can construct their own structures of different shapes and sizes that they can roll,throw and even stand inside of. The set includes 12 rubber balls with 12 holes in all of them, and 30 plastic tubes with rounded knobs on the end designed to fit into the holes on the balls. All the plastic tubes are made sturdy using safe materials. All OGOBILD attachments are interchangeable and can be combined with multiple sets to make larger play objects.


-Awesome combination of giant construction toy and active play device.
-Just add a sheet and create super sized play forts.
-Bounce roll, kick, throw, and spin your creations.
-A perfect blend of creativity and physical activity.
-Combine multiple sets for even greater creativity.

The OGOBILD building set has become a favorite. My grandchildren love making big structures, they usually add a sheet and it becomes their private space. The set gets used every day. The tubes and the balls are washable, so if the kids have their lunch in the fort any messes on the structure can be easily wiped off.

OGOSPORT was founded in 2004, by a duo of accomplished designers from the world-renowned school of design, the Pratt Institute. These talented creators formed the company to question the current direction of play. Their inquiries inspired them to seek new directions in product development. The following is their criteria for the products that carry the OGOSPORT name,

Age ranges span from young children to grandparents. Encourage play between all age combinations in between Allow for open ended exploration and experimentation Opportunities for both indoor and outdoor play Benefits for therapy and children with special needs. Safety quality integrity. Batteries not required.

We have been really impressed with the building set from OGOSPORT. Children learn through play, and I feel like they have accomplished a great design to fuel the imaginations in children, and even adults. This would make a great Christmas gift. Just think of any future engineers you may have I the family!

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