Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ogosport's BILD and Animateit Stop Motion Animation Essentials Kit Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We had the opportunity to facilitate a review for Ogosport's BILD and Animateit Stop Motion Animation Essentials Kit.

This is an amazing toy for creative imagination play. My 12 year old is having a field day playing around with this set. You can purchase this with or without the camera, or you can use a laptop Web cam or other video camera for filming.

This kit includes hands, feet, legs, arms, eyes, wheels, propellers, and a dozen other pieces, a guidebook that introduces stop motion animation and a certificate to download Aardman's AnimateIT! Express Software for Windows or Mac.

Start by visiting the ANIMATEIT Software Website and download the Rogan installer. This is easy to install hardware. Set your scene up and let your imagination go wild.

Setting the first film up is simple. After setting the scene the way you would like click the capture button. Using the software you can organize your work into clips and frames. The clips contain a series of frames, or you can draw with built in drawing capabilities. Record time lapse movies of things that can change on their own over time. After setting the scene the way you would like click the capture button. You can continue to move the scene and take pictures. You can even delete and insert frames. When you are finished you can export the movie as a .mov, .avi, or .wmv file. Ogosport makes it simple and easy to make as many movies as you want.

This is a perfect idea for gift giving this holiday season. The sets are affordable and made from high quality material.

I have said before that I like providing toys for the kids that are not only fun for them but have educational value. I like to watch their imaginations be activated, in this digital age it's important to make sure their still using their imaginations and creativity.

OGOSPORT was founded in 2004, by a duo of accomplished designers from the world-renowned school of design, the Pratt Institute. These talented creators formed the company to question the current direction of play. Their inquiries inspired them to seek new directions in product development. The following is their criteria for the products that carry the OGOSPORT name,

Age ranges span from young children to grandparents. Encourage play between all age combinations in between Allow for open ended exploration and experimentation Safety, quality, integrity. Batteries not required.

We have been really impressed with the Ogosport's BILD and Animate set from OGOSPORT. Children learn through play, and I feel like they have accomplished a great design to fuel the imaginations in children, and even adults. This would make a great Christmas gift. Just think of any future technology fans you may have in the family!

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