Friday, October 14, 2016

Bolli Ball Infant to Toddler Toy from OgoSport Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

OgoSport recently gave us the opportunity to facilitate a review for their first ever infant toy, the Bolli Sensory Development Ball .

My baby grandson loves this Bolli ball. The open ball design makes it easy for him to grab the ball and hold it. He, of course loves putting things in his mouth and he's frequently teething on the gummy material of the Bolli ball. This ball can be stretched and squished also. While he is still little and doesn't do a lot of stretching on the ball it will help his muscles in coming months as he plays more with it.

The Bolli ball is made using a food grade silicon so it is perfectly safe for teething babies. As I said this Bolli can be stretched and squished but there's absolutely no worries that pieces of the ball will come apart. It is a safe toy for both infants, babies and toddlers. The Bolli ball comes in colors Blue raz, Lime, and Strawberry. At the affordable price of $6.00 its a great gift idea for the coming holidays.

OgoSport debuted the Bolli ball after ten years of award winning toys, it was their first ever toy designed for the infant market. This great company has brought infants the same innovation in play and design that has made them into a perennial winner of many top parental kids choice, toy and design awards for their creations.

OgoSport, headquartered in The Brooklyn Navy Yard in Brooklyn N.Y, was founded by designers Rick Goodwin and Kevin Williams. Both like to promote the idea that active play is for people of all ages. OgoSport has developed and launched countless award winning toys to get families everywhere to Move. Think. Play.

You can connect with OgoSport via their Facebook @OgoSport Pinterest , and  Website.


  1. This really sounds like a great toy for a little one! The fact that you don't need to worry if they start to use it to teeth is a very big plus!!

  2. This would keep them entertained for hours, as it changes its shape when squashed and the bright colors help too, if my kids where that age I would definitely be buying one especially not having to worry about them putting it in their mouths.

  3. A perfect gift for a young baby to work on hand-eye coordination!

  4. Looks like this little guy really enjoys this simple toy!

  5. CJ Across the AvenueOctober 21, 2016 at 1:16 PM

    This would make a great gift for the holidays! It's awesome that it's teether friendly and can be stretched and squished without worrying about pieces breaking off. Can't beat the price...I'm thinking stocking stuffer at the very least!