Monday, October 24, 2016

Should Teenagers Trick-Or-Treat

In my day, well I guess in everyone's day, there were the teenagers that went out with the intent of causing trouble. Throwing eggs at houses, throwing toilet paper around tree's and soaping windows. Cars didn't get away easy either there were eggs and soap or wax for them as well.

Then there were the teens that dressed up and went out with their little brothers and sisters, it wasn't so hard for them as people often thought they were there to guide the young ones and sometimes they were. Also, some went in a group to collect goodies just like the children.

The rest of them stayed away from costumes an such. Some secretly wanted to be a part of this deliciously scary holiday. They waited, hoping they would have a generous sibling that would share with them or that the bowl their parent was handing out candy from would still have goodies left when the clock struck eight.

Every year I hear conversations (or see them on facebook)either complaining that their teenage children should be able to go trick or treating or complaining about the teenagers that do trick or treat. No one wants the vandalism but, it happens and if severe enough, that is a criminal matter. I tend to think teenagers are just big children with the same desire for fun and candy. If a 6' person comes to my door and they are wearing a costume I am going to give them candy.

What are your thoughts?


  1. The educator in me is going to give the answer you've probably heard before, but there are many kids, old and young, who trick-or-treat because they legitimately don't have food at home or aren't given much exposure to social opportunities and get to feel like part of a group. Of course most kids don't fall into this category, but I'd hate to deny the ones that do. There's a small window to truly be a kid and teenagers fall into that category for me! Happy Halloween to you :)

  2. I have the same thought. I've never minded if a teen comes to my door if they make an effort at a costume. Our grandson will be fourteen next month. He and his friends are going trick-or-treating. He's going as a slice of bacon :)

  3. Thank you for not being stingy with your candy. Some kids are very tall at early ages, its a shame people want to withhold something as inexpensive as candy based on age or size. My daughters dressed up and went down a few streets last year at 17 and 19, I figured as long as they bothered to put on costumes it shouldn't be an issue just to get some candy.

  4. This is a hard one! I had a friend when I was growing up and he was only 10 but already almost six feet tall and people wouldn't give him candy since they thought he was older! We don't take our kids trick or treating, we usually go to our church party.

  5. Nobody comes to the doors in my apartment building anymore--but I always have candy just in case!! I have no problem giving the teens candy if they are in costume or just bringing their younger siblings around.

  6. Yes teens should be able to go trick or treating without being fear of somebody rejecting them n telling them no. There are bad apples in all groups of people an ages so people should give candy to all ages. In some cases even adults why should there be a age limit of an adult wants to dress up n take the time to say trick or treat why not give them a treat it might be the only fun they have had in awhile. Happy Halloween!