Sunday, October 16, 2016

The End of the School Football Season

From mid August until mid October football is one of the big focuses in our home. Dylan plays tag football, this is his third year. Kayla cheered the first and third year as well as Leah cheering the third year. There is enough enthusiasm in our family to go a long way. We start by attending sign ups and it is non stop from there. As many of you know there are fund raisers such as ticket sales and tag days. bake sales and Chinese auctions. We also have a fund raiser for a child or two in our area whom medically need public support.

I never really thought of myself as the soccer mom with the SUV and hair pulled up to a bun but in fact that is what I have become. Hauling children from practice to practice (sometimes three different times in one day). Equipment hurled in the back, smelly clothes in the wash and baby in tow. Games on Saturday, at least two due to the ages of my lil' sports hero's. Selling tickets, running bake sales and helping with fire department safety programs. All while fitting in Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. Another important part of my children's lives.

Cost is another important part of the equation. School sports are far from cheap with registration, uniforms, even gas for running from one part of the county to another, sometimes all three children play in separate districts on the same Saturday. Practice at least three times per week and going to their other team events. We have had to forego our weekly date night or dinner out with the family on many occasions to accommodate us during the season.

Is it because I need my children to be "winners"?, Am I sports enthusiast? Do I have to keep up with the family next door? Do I crave the chaos that is brown bagged dinners on the way to the football field, late bedtimes or life with chaotic Saturdays? No, none of the above. It is to see my children grow and learn and experience parts of life necessary to promote well rounded, healthy individuals. I personally wouldn't have it any other way. Next is swimming, then soccer and eventually we will add school plays and so on. I prefer to call it the 'mom' life.

What part of your life is completely for someone else?


  1. At the moment my life is centered around my Mom. She will be 94 on November and thankfully is in good shape-mostly. I have become her chauffeur--doctors appointments, food shopping and anything else she wants to do. She still lives alone in her own apartment which means I have to drive to go get her then drop her off. Of course I still have a couple of clients of my own-plus my doctor appts-so my schedule can get hectic. Do I mind? Not at all. I'm just glad to still have her around.

    1. A mother is definitely a blessing, enjoy her a little extra for me.

  2. We are nearing the end of soccer this month. Then on to basketball

  3. Basketball is one sport they haven't tried except at the park with their friends. Just us parents watching. Good Luck to your basketball stars!