Sunday, November 6, 2016

Jabbit Set from Ogo Sport review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

Recently, we received a JABBIT set from OgoSport to review. JABBITT is one of OgoSport's newest creations, making it's debut this year.

JABBIT is an outdoor game of "jab and sling". It is a new play pattern inspired by the traditional "toss and catch". The new play pattern paired with the unique design of JABBIT's launcher/thrower in-one and the open-framed sphere ball offers something different and new.

JABBIT is sold in a 2 person pack that consists of two throwers in the colors sky-blue and dandelion-green, with one tangerine orange ball. JABBIT is for kids 6 years and above. This game can also be enjoyed by adults as well. Children can sling the ball underhanded 10' feet or less, overhanded adults can sling the sphere ball 20-30 feet at a faster speed.

Honestly, anything that does not connect to the internet and gets my children off the couch has my vote. I like that it's a game to use outdoors and itss an active game. I consider it one of our family games because we all enjoy playing. The JABBIT set is designed to stand up to outdoor play, the launcher and the ball are both made from a durable and flexible plastic.

OgoSport was founded by designers Rick Goodwin and Kevin Williams, who want to promote active play for people of all ages. Headquartered in The Brooklyn Navy Yard in Brooklyn, New York, OgoSport has developed and launched many outdoor and construction oriented toys. One of their popular toys, the ogoDisk was featured in the Smurf's movie. OgoSport has a design mandate to consider play-value par with salability. This philosophy has led to OgoSport becoming a perennial winner of many top parenting, kid's choice. toy and design awards for their creations.

You can connect with OgoSport via their Facebook @OgoSport Pinterest , and  Website.

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