Monday, November 14, 2016

Plasma Car Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We had the opportunity to facilitate a review for the Original Plasma Car from PlaSmart.

My granddaughter, Brandi Lynn has a favorite new word "bike" because she loves the PlasmaCar . She rides it both inside and outside. This is the most unique little ride-on toy ever! I love that the car isn't something she and my five year old grandson are going to outgrow within a year. The plasma car can support up to 220 pounds. Even an adult can take a spin on this car!

The Plasma Car is very sturdy, and there are no pedals or brakes. This ride-on toy does not require any batteries. The car gets children to work a little, they use their body movements to get the car moving. Something else that is convenient about the Plasma Car is it has no chain that will get rusty or tangled. It only took my husband about 20 to 25 minutes to put it together. It was very simple. The instructions for riding the car are easy to understand. Even for youngsters.

Instructions for riding the Plasma Car:

  • 1. Place the Plasma Car on a smooth, flat surface.
  • 2. Sit with feet on the footrest and lean forward, gripping the steering wheel.
  • 3. Propel the Plasma Car forward, turn the steering wheel back and forth continuously.To get the car to go in reverse, rotate the steering wheel 180 degrees
  • 4. To bring the car to a stop- stop turning the wheel, wait for it to slow down and put your feet on the ground.

    Our little Brandi Lynn is not into making it go fast just yet. She loves it though, and is often found just sitting on it while watching cartoons. My grandson however, likes the bike to go a little faster while riding down the sidewalk in front of our house. The Plasma Car can go up to 6 mph. He loves it as much as Brandi Lynn does. It helps also that it's his most favorite color in the world, red! Everything right now has to be the color red.

    PlaSmart Inc. is an canadian-based distributor of simple, smart and educational toys for children. Starting in December 2002, Timothy Timber, the owner of an e-commerce business happened upon some children who were test driving a yet unknown ride-on vehicle. Mr. Kimber was fascinated that this car required no batteries or pedals and was propelled by simply turning the wheel. He decided to locate the seller of this unique toy. Within one month PlaSmart was born with North American distribution and marketing rights secured for the Plasma Car. It took only a few years and PlaSmart expanded into more than 60 countries on five continents. Their philosophy is to under-promise and over-deliver with an uncomplicated honest vision.

    The Plasma Car should go under Christmas trees this year! Children would be excited to wake up to these unique and fun bikes. These cars will be something children can enjoy for years because of their durability. My grandkids give PlaSmart a big thumbs up!

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    1. This sounds like the perfect Christmas gift for my daughter! I absolutely love that she won't outgrow it anytime soon!!

    2. This is so cute, I know my grandboy would love riding this down the street. I love that it is low to the ground and easy to move around.

    3. Our kids would love this! They would love that you can go in reverse by rotating the steering wheel 180 degrees!

    4. This would be the perfect gift for my grandson. He would be so cute scooting around on this.

    5. This is so cute! I would love to give this to my cousin as a Christmas gift.

    6. This is so fun. I've gotten my niece one and will probably get my nephew one. As a grown up I love riding on it myself!

    7. Wow, 220. This would be fun for adults too! Wonder if adults can get it faster than the 6mph!

    8. I would love to put under the tree or my granddaughter! She would have so much fun riding on it

    9. My son will be one this Christmas. He's at the right age for one of these cool cars!

    10. This would be an awesome gift for my children to share. My son tried one out in a store a while back and loved it but wasnt in the budget at the time.

    11. Whoa! I didn't realize adults could ride too! That makes this even cooler since your kids won't outgrow it in a short time.I have got to get one for sure!