Friday, December 30, 2016

As 2016 Crosses Over Our Paths Change

Christina, Brandi and I would like to wish you our readers, friends and fellow bloggers, (some of you are all 3), the very best in health, happiness, love, success, power, relaxation, whatever it is you strive for in 2017!

Christina, after building her family of 6 and many years later, has decided to return to school. This will be a challenge with children 10, 8, 6 and 1, a part time job, a full time babysitting job for a 3 year old, her nephew, my grandson, daycare is not a solution and a hubby that commutes 3 hours a day to get to and from work. She will figure it out though, she always does and never seems to miss a beat. You can leave her words of encourage in the comment section if you'd like.

Brandi is busy raising her husband haha, forgive me Rich, sons and almost 3 year old granddaughter. She does a little crafting but so far has been reluctant to share it with us on the blog. Maybe some mentions to her will help.

As for me, I am contemplating weight loss surgery in the late spring or early summer. My cardiologist suggested it back in 2010, although, after a year of appointments, that were over an hour away, the surgeon decided the original bariatric surgery would not be safe due to several other health issues. He recommended the bariatric sleeve surgery which had not been practiced long enough here, in the US, for insurance to cover it.

Fast forward 6 years and my cardiologist again brings up the subject saying I will not be able to have my heart valve surgery when necessary unless I have lost weight and that there was now a complete program IN MY LOCAL HOSPITAL THAT DOES ONLY THE SLEEVE SURGERY. I'm excited and afraid but there is time to work on those feelings. The pre-surgery check ups and testing should show if all is safe, as best they can. Now just to make a decision. I have fought weight my entire life and it isn't just 30 or 40 lbs. I need to lose a large amount. My health is suffering and so is my excitement for living life.

Have any suggestions or thoughts? Feel free to leave them in the comment section.


  1. Happy 2017 to you girls, Brandi I would love to see crafts on here, Christina your doing great keeping busy, but remember to take time for yourself, n Gladys best wishes for your health decisions.

  2. Losing weight is one of the hardest but generally is needed for health purposes--I should know-I'm not exactly a light weight but thankfully not a candidate for surgery--somehow when I turned diabetic I lost approx 60 lbs without trying--of course by now about 30 have come back--but I am holding it at that!!! There is a light at the end of every tunnel----

    I wish all of you the best in 2017 and hope that all your hopes and dreams come true!