Monday, December 19, 2016

Disney Pixar Finding Dory Imagicademy Bubble Science Kit from Wonder Forge Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We had a fun opportunity to review The Disney Pixar Finding Dory Imagicademy Bubble Science kit from Wonder Forge.

This is a fun and educational kit that will teach children all about air. It's a great S.T.E.M product. Isn't it wonderful that places like Wonder Forge have so many great products that help us educate our children at home.

The Finding Dory Science kit includes;

  • 1 16 page Activity book
  • 1 Dory Bubble Blower
  • 2 Bubble Wands
  • 1- 4 oz Bubble Solution
  • 1 Bubble Tray
  • 1 String
  • 2 Silly Straws
  • 1 Bubble Glove

    The Disney Pixar Finding Dory Imagicademy Bubble Science Kit features an experiment with elasticity and building a bubble sculpture. Children can explore surface tension, air pressure, diffusion and more!

    Our kit seemed to dive right into learning science with Nemo and Dory. At only 3, my grandson understands what air does (I think - he can't explain well), although, he had a great time trying everything out playing with kit. The activities are fun and have great designs that keep the kids interested. I loved the concept of learning about air using bubbles. It is something I'm sure I would not have thought to use.

    The kit is high quality and educational. I love finding products that keep children having fun for hours, add some education for them to the mix and you have found good pickings.

    Check out the great learning products from Wonder Forge for all holiday, birthday and educational play needs!

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    1. What a great toy! Excellent review! Honestly I could see myself playing with this for hours - blowing bubbles; I just love bubbles!

    2. This is such a cute and fun way to get little ones learning while having fun. I enjoyed going through activity books like this when my daughter's were young.

    3. We love giving science kits like this as gifts. Our favorite was one where you made your own candy and then got to eat it!