Friday, December 23, 2016

Marvel I Can Do That Game from Wonder Forge Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We have recently played and reviewed another great preschool game by Wonder Forge, Marvel I Can Do That

How many little kids don't dream of being a super hero? Not too many. Now they can play this fun new game and learn super hero skills. Marvel I Can Do That is not just a game, it is a box of many activities to keep our little players active and using their imaginations.

To play this game each player will draw a card and flip them up right. Whatever the cards say is what players must do. When they successfully complete the super hero challenges they get a yellow star. The object is for each player to get many yellow stars as they can by completing the challenges. A little extra fun added to the game, choose a card and its a special battle card, players get to test their super hero training out by going up against the green goblin. The little super hero defeats the green goblin by knocking him down with super hero tools.

My grandson and nephew love playing super hero, they run around with towels tied or pinned to their shirts for capes. They were real excited to play this game and it kept them occupied for a long time. It's a fast paced and active game. I really like that concept because during the winter months the kids get stuck inside often, this game gives them not only fun play but exercise as well. This is also a great game to help build their confidence in themselves. If you have a little super hero in your life I recommend heading over to or to your nearest Walmart and getting them the Marvel I Can Do That game.

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  1. This definitely sounds like a fun game for the younger set that will keep them not only occupied--but moving!! Bir always easy in this day of electronics!

  2. What a fun book for kids! I love how they can put certain things together and make it fun and exciting!