Monday, December 5, 2016

TMNT 3D Deco Night Light Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

3D Light has joined forces with Nickelodeon to create the TMNT 3D Deco/Night Light for all the little people in the world in awe of these awesome masked ninja turtles. The lights are based on the animation series. We had the opportunity to receive the Donatello 3D Deco/Night Light for a review.

Like a lot of the great classics the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have made a big comeback. Children all over the world are loving those pizza eating turtles. Can you imagine the excitement of my grandson when he seen what we had hung in his room. He gave it his "That's so cool" approval immediately after seeing the dramatic illusion of Donatello's head smashing through his bedroom wall. I couldn't believe how bright Donatello's head was!

While the illusion of Donatello's head breaking through the wall is very awesome, this light provides a soothing glow so youngsters can sleep peacefully and not think about any boogey monsters.

The TMNT 3D Decor/Night lights are perfect for all ages, from little people to big people. The bulbs are LED, they should not get too hot and their said to last 5.7 years.

It is quite simple to hang the plastic Donatello on the wall, operating the light is also just as simple. The light is cordless with an off and on switch and the night light is powered by 3 AA batteries.

The 3D Lights have been tested by the people at 3D Lights most discerning critics- their partners and children. These lights have been found to be an amazing addition to kid's bedrooms, nurseries, and rec rooms.

The creative folks at 3D Lights understand how important it is To provide a safe functional and inspiring environment for little ones as they are also parents. It was the sentiment that there 3D Deco light were created. 3D Lights line of 3D lights include pucks, jets, regulation size sports balls, and their most recent, a range of action figure and superhero inspired products.

The Donatello 3D Deco/Night Light would make a great holiday gift for any youngsters on your list. Their a comfortable, cordless and decorative light your little ones will love! The price of these 3D Lights is surprisingly less expensive than I would have thought for a licensed product. If you need anymore information or you would like to see what they are working on next visit

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  1. Too cool. I wish I knew a young child who would love to get this!

  2. My kids would have LOVED this light when they were little; Mutant Ninja Turtles was all the talked about and watched! Makes the perfect gift for the little aspiring Ninja!

  3. That is so cute!! What a great gift idea for the kiddos this year. I don't know though, maybe then they'll want pizza! ha/ha

  4. This sounds like the perfect night light! I do like that it comes in several action figures so that whoever is the lucky recipient can have his/her favorite action figure.

  5. Our Christmas theme this year might as well be TMNT for as many ninja turtle gifts we've put under the tree. This nightlight idea is too cute and I love that it's cordless.

  6. That is too cool. My son waas very into TMNT last year-this year it's Minecraft and Star Wars