Thursday, January 5, 2017

Curious About New York Weather?

Having been born in Pennsylvania, I have lived the majority of my life in Chautauqua County, New York. We are referred to as the southern-tier. Part of the snow belt, except for avid skiers and winter enthusiast the weather can seem down right treacherous.

I was exploring the reasons why I have stayed here, in this area, for so long. With the weather so cruel four months of the year. First of all I have made two attempts at moving away. Tampa, Florida was my first destination. Because I haven't an adventurous bone in my body my trip was fun, living there was awesome for as much I seen and participated in which wasn't a whole lot. (a coming soon post of it's own.) Then I tried Pennsylvania. While there were many fine points, come November it has the same unforgiving winter weather as New York.

At this point, we come to today's weather, here in South Western New York. The temperature dropped from forty to fifteen in two days. The snow and ice hadn't gone away when the weather went to forty it just melted a little. Every layer of water, slush or snow that had unfroze in turn refroze. Last night we experienced a terrible storm dumping what seemed like eons of new snow.

Very early this morning a Board of Public Utilities plow truck slid down Ohio St, Hill, through the intersection of Pershing and ended up stopped just before hitting a fire hydrant and more. Those of you that live in a snow state won't be interested at all, although a few of my southern friends have asked to see our snow or happenings from the snow.

There were no injuries, thankfully! The driver was fine and the truck came just short of hitting anything. Weather hazards are fairly common to us, although, a plow truck losing control, sliding down a city street is not. Just a 'lil something I had to share. When all is well that ends well some of our winter weather can prove to be pretty interesting like the Ice Castles, Ice Sculptures or Niagra Falls.

In what state do you live? What do you think of your weather, or ours?


  1. I live in northern New Jersey. We are expecting snow overnight. I'm hoping when I wake up it's just a dusting. I don't mind snow if no one has to work or drive in it...but I'd rather have no snow. Stay safe!

  2. I grew up in Pennsylvania and remember the snow and ice very well. It's beautiful, but I've had one to many spins down steep, ice covered hills to miss it! Living in Florida, I sometimes forget how much you all are dealing with at this time of year. Enjoy the snow covered trees though!