Sunday, February 12, 2017

END IT Slavery Still Exists #ENDITMovement

We, here, at Mom To Grandma are proud to offer our input to spread the important facts of Modern Day Slavery, Suicide, and Child Abuse. We are trying to help spread the word of other groups that advocate for such causes as these and others.

The END IT Movement has partnered with Freedom Fighters and 16 Coalition Partners’ around the world to bring awareness, prevention, rescue and restoration to those who are trapped in slavery.

There are 27 million men, women and children, just like us, living in the shadows. Working as slaves. In 161 countries. Including our own. Let's shine a light on slavery and END IT!

This Thursday, February 23rd is the day to SHINE THE LIGHT ON SLAVERY by sharing your red X, helping your audience become aware and contacting any #ENDITMovement website to find out how anyone can help.

Draw a RED X on your hand, take a selfie and post it on social media using #enditmovement. This simple action opens the door to conversations and allows us to tell more people that slavery still exists.

Their Mission

  • Their goal is to SHINE A LIGHT ON SLAVERY by letting the world know that slavery still exists. Millions of men, women, and children trapped in various forms of slavery around the world, including the U.S. (bonded labor, forced labor and sex trafficking), there are more slaves in the world today than at any other time in history.
  • To them, awareness is doing the work, but awareness is only the beginning. Awareness must lead to ACTION. Once you’re aware, you can’t not do something.
  • They want to encourage people to get involved in this fight for freedom in whatever way they can, be it donating money, changing purchasing habits, helping raise awareness, getting companies to change policies or deciding to go work in this field. We all have a voice and we all have influence, so we can all do something. In order to tell the world, we need everyone to tell their world.


    1. That is certainly as easy enough thing to do, to help bring awareness to such an important issue. I'll put this on my calendar

    2. OMG sometimes we're blind to the world around us! I just watched this video and had to share it on my facebook page to help spread the world. It left me with tears in my eyes and goosebumps all over.

    3. Great post and video Ivonne. I wish the video showed some trafficking images as well; if it did then I missed them. :) I love that you point out in your post different examples of slavery. Well done!

    4. Slavery--that it should still exist at all is a crying shame. I never heard of this movement to end but now that I do I will spread the word and start by sharing this!!

    5. This is the first I learned of this movement. Slavery is a shame and should never happen.

    6. Such a heart breaking fact that even today this is still going on. Have we as members of the human race learned nothing from history.