Tuesday, February 21, 2017

#ENDITMovement Rally and Awareness #SlaveryStillExists

As a daughter, as a sister, as a mother, as a grandmother, as an aunt, as a friend and mostly as a human being I am passionate about a few things and modern day slavery is one of them! The assumption that everything was resolved by Lincoln in 1865 is just that, an assumption. He helped in a very big way, although the world still has millions of enslaved people, even in the US, yes, you read that correctly.

You may have seen my social shares or even Read My Post about the #ENDITMovement. This Thursday, the 23rd of February is the annual day to spread awareness about modern day slavery and I hope you will red X your spot and share it on your social media also.

Today (tomorrow) February 22nd there is a huge social media rally to gain support for Thursday, the day after. I have been tweeting right along, but this, this will be a huge scale rally of support! Please share this with your family, your friends, your readers and your fans. It takes a lot of noise to get the attention of a few. Don't let them ignore us. This must end. #ENDITNOW tweet #ENDITMovement with every tweet or post you can. Help as if it were your loved one and be thankful that it isn't!

A bit from the #ENDITMovement:

By now you know that social media is powerful. A single tweet, a single photo can travel the world and impact millions. So now it’s time to use your influence and bring awareness to an important cause that, unfortunately, affects millions.

Join Carrie Underwood, Ashton Kutcher, Joel McHale and dozens of other celebrities, bloggers, newscasters, politicians, and more to Shine a Light on Slavery (the official Shine a Light on Slavery Day is 2/23, we're going to rally the day before).

Slavery still exists. We want every man, woman and child to know that there are 27 million men, women and children, just like them, living in the shadows. Working as slaves. In 161 countries. Including our own. Let's shine a light on slavery and END IT.

Use the hashtag to share your support with a creative red X photo and retweet key facts. Random END IT swag will be given to participants who use the hashtag, so be sure all tweets have #ENDITMovement!

You can find more information, including stories and videos, at HERE.

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  1. It literally blows my mind that slavery still exists--even though I am aware it does. You would think that this could be stopped worldwide--if only it were that easy. More needs to be done about this atrocity!! Thank you for reminding us all!!