Thursday, February 2, 2017

ZenZoi Scented and Regular Eco-Friendly Crayons Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We were given the opportunity to review a set of 64 scented and regular eco-friendly crayons from ZenZoi.

Brandi Lynn is at that age where she loves our time coloring. Of course her little pieces of art are scribbles, but I love them all. She needed her own set of crayons, although, like most I worry about her putting them in her mouth, biting or chewing on one before I can get it from her.

These new eco-friendly crayons came in a container that looks much like a little ice cream container. I like how their packaged. I could smell the 10 fruity flavors before I took them out of their lactic wrap. I think they are Brandi Lynn's favorite out of the two, she seems to like the fruity smell. They have an ergonomic shape that makes holding them easier for her little fingers.

These handmade crayons are bright, vibrant and 100% pure wax. They are free from fillers, I like that! There are no duplicates in the box. The pigments are non toxic, making them safe for most ages, but of course smaller babies will need supervision.

ZenZoi is planet friendly, stylish, exclusive, global market-driven, earth friendly, diversified, customer oriented, eco art and office products company.

ZenZoi focuses on creating visually stunning eco friendly, premium products. There are no harsh or toxic chemicals found in their products. They take care in our planet.

Their products stand out with forward, modern thinking design, up market packaging and unique bold concepts. Their highest priority is exceptional contact with their customers. As a family business, they strive everyday to provide the most value to their customers world wide.

If you appreciate beauty, unique style and quality you will like ZenZoi's eco art products .

You can connect with ZenZoi via: Facebook  and ZenZoi Website  .


  1. Scented crayons--that's a new one to me--but I like it! I also love that they are eco friendly and all wax with everything non toxic!

  2. How cute are scented crayons? I like that they're non toxic since little ones like to put everything in their mouth. Impressed that they have 64 colours to spark little imaginations! Great review!

  3. My youngest loves coloring! She was wanting new crayons and I think I will get these for her.