Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy Spring?

My daughter called to tell me "Happy Spring" just after midnight and I was like "yeah, Happy Spring!" Then I sang it to myself a few times lol The idea of spring really lightened my heart some. Was it because today was going to be spring like, 60 degrees and sunny? Nope, not a chance. Here in Western New York it is 31 degrees, snow every where and rather depressing to look at.

Spring is my favorite part of the year. With the winter ending and the heat and humidity of summer not quite here the weather feels like a blessing. Signs of new beginnings where ever you look. Buds on trees and flowers blossoming, it seems all fresh and new. I use this thought of spring from January through March to keep myself awake and at least somewhat motivated. I have found that positive thinking really does make a difference in my mood.

When someone calls or stops by and they start to tell me of the wretched blizzard outside I could commiserate with them but, instead I say "Hmm, funny because it's bright and warm in my little world. The whole conversation usually turns positive. I have only been halfheartedly trying this positive self talk for a couple of months, but I notice and enjoy the difference.

I still have days that sleeping seems like the best choice, but not as many as before. I'll always have them although, getting them down to a minimum would be a real win for me.

On to another subject, the physician that does the sleeve surgeries for my area refused to help me. Actually he did better than help, he told me straight forward that with my health issues he did not feel comfortable performing the surgery here in our local hospital. He referred me elsewhere and phoned ahead on my behalf. To me that was a sign of a truly good doctor. I will have to start the whole process from the beginning but hey, I'm still young! (I wish)


  1. I'm sorry you're going through a tough time. I agree, Spring can really change a mood! I hope all goes well with the surgery and you keep the positivity going!

  2. Spring does seem to awaken our senses and make us feel more alive, hopefully some of that energy will work it's way to you too, hope so xx

  3. I hope spring gets here soon. I could use some sunshine and my kids getting outside! I hope that your surgery gets scheduled and you start feeling better soon.

  4. Thank-you, Shelly! I,too,need the sunshine. Vitamin D does wonders.

  5. It was kind of spring like where I am--but still snow all over the place (downstate NY). Positive thinking does help on occasion. It is good to know there are still some really good and honest doctors around who have the patients interests at heart!