Thursday, March 16, 2017

Trixi's Treasures Review (and Giveaway)

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We had the opportunity to sample 8 delicious bags of treats from Trixi's Treasures, for review.

Have you ever noticed when you decide to get fit and eat healthy food starts to get bland and boring. One of my pet peeves about eating healthy, the boring food. I have found a company that creates healthy mixtures to jazz up that boring food.

Trixi's Treasures LLC specializes in creating healthy, easy to prepare mixtures called Shantelyn Treasure Dust Mixtures. What are these Shantelyn Treasure Dust mixtures, you might ask. These are 100% all natural powder mixtures that you mix with one cup (240 ml) of butter or Margarine. Then bake the mix on top of your favorite cereal, chips, crackers, cookies, dried fruits, pretzels, nuts, etc. It creates a "sweet, salty, savory" unique flavor and adds a light crunchy coating to each piece. All of the Shantelyn Treasure Dust mixes are 100% natural, contain no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, GMO's and are also gluten free.

Trixi's Treasures offer 5 varieties of Shantelyn Treasure Dust mixtures, sugar-free, mild, Spicy, wild "ghost pepper" spicy (which is hot) and original. All the Shantelyn mixes only require the one cup of butter or Margarine.

I received 8 Shantelyn treat bags from Trixi's Treasures. There was the Strawberry Maltball Mania which were strawberry milkshake maltballs, the Ice Cream Bar Double Espresso Treasure Mix, the "Charm" ing Choco "loot" Company-birthday cake chocolate krisp treasure charms, the Cookie "Bake"-ry chocolate sunfowered seed, crispy butter shortbread mixture, the Desert Bar a butter cornflake cookie bites treasure mixture, and a meal in a bag called Pork Yakinikv.

Right away I noticed something, they don't put a warning on these mixture bags telling us how addictive they are! My children and I loved these treats. The only one we didn't open was the espresso bar mixture. None of us care for any kind of coffee flavored food. I have a friend though who can't wait to try them. My kids think these are treats I should start ordering and having them as their after school snack. My son and I had ate the pork meal on the go treat mixture waiting for a friend to get out of an appointment one day. I thought these treat mixtures are the way to go, when you are on the go. So many times when in a hurry a little bag of chips is all there is up for grabs, but with these treat mixtures it makes what you have to grab in a hurry much more healthy.

Not only can you choose their treat mixtures but you can get their Shantelyn Dust mixture and prepare your own healthy treats. They have a suggestion page for ingredients at their site.

Are you looking for Easter Basket ideas? Trixi's Treasures is offering a few treat bags on their site. The Easter "Mini" Bags Shantelyn "EAT"STER BASKET TR"EAT"S in 13 flavors. The Easter Candies & Treasure Mix Shantelyn's "EAT"STER SUR"PRIZES" in 33 flavors, and the pretzel poppers & treasure mix Shantelyn"s "EAT"STER "EGG" "EXTRA"VAGANZA in 13 flavors.

Tricia Wong is the co-creator of Trixi's Treasures, and forming this company literally saved Tricia's life. Since Tricia was 13 yrs old she has had asthma, and spent many years in and out of hospitals. She had lived in Hawaii where there is volcanic fog and high humidity, over the years her asthma progressively worsened. She either had to live in a hospital or an isolated room with an air conditioner and air purifier 24/7.

While being bedridden and recovering from being code blue Tricia discovered valuable speeches, lectures and presentations from people she looks up to, admires and respects. People like Seth Godin, Warren Buffet, Maria Forleo and countless others inspired Tricia to want to help others and possibly make a change in the world!

Tricia's aunt relocated to San Diego to help her turn her dream of Trixi's Treasures into a reality. Without the support of her aunt and her family Tricia would not be where she is today - Happy and Recovering!

Trixi's Treasures main goal is to make healthy food taste great! They give people the power to make healthier food choices by allowing them to create their own healthy unique blends of treasure mixes.

My family and I enjoyed our Treasure mixtures from Trixi's Treasures. I think the customer service is kind, friendly and immensely helpful, making the over all experience enjoyable.

If your interested in learning more about Trixi's Treasures, head on over to their web site and take a peek at all their goodies. You can also enter our Giveaway running 3/19 through 4/2 and be one of five winners who will receive 6 of their yummy treasure treat bags. There are many other blogs listed that have giveaways all starting at $15. or more. We also have many great giveaways on our Giveaways Page.

You can connect with Trixi's Treasures via Facebook and Their Website .

What do you think of these treasures?


  1. the giveaway link comes up that the page doesn't exist

  2. You had me at Strawberry Maltball Mania!! I think the wild "ghost pepper" spicy mixture sounds great too!