Sunday, April 30, 2017

ChapStick Duo Review and upcoming Giveaway

We received a sample in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

We had the great opportunity to review ChapStick DUO.

I have a kind of funny story concerning ChapStick. I have a brother in law who totally thinks he is addicted to his ChapStick! I'm not kidding, he really thinks he needs to have it with him at all times and applies it every couple hours. He has been late for work, my sister has told me, because he could not find his ChapStick. He likes to joke about having the greatest lips around.

Many people need ChapStick because of lip licking. My kids do this a lot, mostly in the winter.

Winter isn't the only time to use ChapStick though. Your lips can get dry and sore at any time of the year. In the summer your lips should also be protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun and the wind.. Lips do not have oil glands, so they need taken care of when exposing them to the elements.

I love the new ChapStick Duo products. This is a recent new collection that has customizable flavors and allows for fun. This new lip balm can be mixed and matched for best flavor combinations. #MixMatchAttach

There are 8 new irresistible flavors that will leave your lips hydrated and soft. They moisturize your lips for a full 8 hours.

The flavors are Vanilla Shimmer, Berry Sorbet Shimmer, Tropical Pineapple, Fresh Coconut, Strawberry Kiwi, Refreshing Watermelon, Cool Mint, and Sweet Peach. There are up to 28 different flavor combinations that can be mixed or matched.

I found all the flavors fantastic, along with a refreshing fragrance. My favorite remains the Vanilla. These make your lips shimmer and look very nice.

You can find the ChapStick DUO at your local Walmart at a reasonable price.

Keep your kissers healthy and beautiful this summer!

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  1. I think my favorite would be the sweet peach and my second favorite would be the vanilla shimmer.

  2. Loving this giveaway I like the watermelon and vanilla ones

  3. My first choice is Fresh Coconut and my second is Sweet Peach.

  4. I have used Chapstick for years and have really never noticed that they have so many wonderful new flavours. Thanks for sharing this great review.

  5. Sweet Peach would be my first choice--then the watermelon. Can you tell I like fruit? I do use ChapStick all year round--my lips tend to get very dry. Will be looking for this new duo in stores!

  6. My first choice would be Sweet Peach. My second choice would be Berry Sorbet Shimmer :)

  7. Fresh Coconut would be my first pick! I think the Tropical Pineapple would be next! Such great flavors!