Wednesday, April 26, 2017

FACE In A CASE Makeup Clutch from FACES BEAUTIFUL Review

I received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

I had the opportunity to facilitate a review for Face in the Case from Faces Beautiful.

If your a women with a job and children, chances are your probably on the go quite a bit. Do you find yourself heading out the door, running late in the morning without your face done? Wouldn't it be nice to just grab a clutch on your way out and have everything you need inside to put your face on.

Faces Beautiful provides such a clutch. This sleek designer clutch is a new magnetic make up organizer making beauty simple. This stylish clutch also holds credit cards, cell phone and cash. It's a great accessory for smart, busy women. It comes in different covers so that you may choose the one (or more) that matches you and your style.

The magnetic clutch holds make-up palettes from Faces Beautiful. You can choose from a plum and nude neutral palette for the inside of your clutch. This designer clutch features a magnetic base to hold a make up palette beside a mirror, and some slots for your cash and credit cards. Face in the Case will give you the option between the plum and the nude neutral palettes. Each of these palettes hold 6 eye shadows, 1 blush, 1 bronzer, 1 lip gloss, 1 ebony mascara, and 2 brushes along with application instructions. The magnetic base is a wonderful addition to any make up I have ever owned.  The palettes actually stay in place as does the brushes.  Can you imagine your make up palettes not falling about.

This is such a convenient, compact organizer that can help make busy life a little easier. I love the quality of the make up. Just having everything important to me in one trendy clutch is great. Putting my face on, on the go became so much easier.

Gail Sagel, a makeup artist who has created the nude and Plum neutral palettes with just enough of a pop of color. Each palette includes Gales easy to follow three step, eyeshadow techniques to help simplify your makeup routine.

Gail wanted her brand to create beauty products that solved problems for women, simplified their lives, and were healthy for them. She's devoted to creating Innovative products to make women's lives better.

The Face in the Case you see today is a perfected product from years of input, from countless women about their beauty desires. It is the Genesis of years of trial and error. Gail knows women will love it and buy it, proving it was all worth it.

You can connect with Face In A Case via Facebook , @FACESbeautiful , You Tube , Pinterest , Instagram , FACES BEAUTIFUL Website .


  1. This certainly would have been a life saver back when I was still working full time! Actually it would be great for when I go to family affairs and do not want to lug my entire pocketbook (which could stay locked in my trunk!).

  2. I love makeup and clutches, so this really speaks to me. I like the plum eye-shadows. They look like they would be a nice subtle color instead of the vibrant shades I've been seeing in some palettes. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oooh, I love this so much! this would make an amazing Mother's Day gift. I will have to give this as a hint to my hubby!