Thursday, April 13, 2017

"Heaven's Blessing's" Luffie by Precious Moments

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We had the opportunity to review "Heaven's Blessings" Luffie the Lamb from Precious Moments .

There can't be many of you that don't know this iconic brand, Precious Moments . For as long as I can remember their teary eyed porcelain figurines have been a favorite of many people I know.

For Easter, I'm gifting my newest grandson, Liam with Luffie the Lamb. Liam isn't old enough to play with Luffie yet. Luffie will be added to his bedroom decor to watch over him until Liam is old enough to hug and play with this super soft plush stuffed animal.

Luffie the Lamb is a solid, soft white, wool plush stuffed animal in a sitting position on a bean bag bottom about 12 inches high. Luffie features include embroidered blue tear drop eyes with a pink mouth and the cutest floppy ears. This plush, stuffed animal is super soft, and perfect for all ages.

"Heaven's Blessing" Luffie the Lamb is a perfect idea for Easter gifting, baby shower gifting or just gift him to someone special who loves animals saying "I'm thinking of you." Luffie, also fits just right in a stroller. I'm positive Luffie will end up in their wagon for daily walks around the block. I also think collectors would love this adding this adorable white lamb to their collection.

I love the exceptional collection at Precious Moments, they have so many endearing items with the sweetest messages of love.

Precious Moments began more than three decades ago when Creator, Sam Butcher began drawing the endearing teardrop eyed children he called Precious Moments. He would give his artwork to family and friends.

Today Precious Moments artwork is among the most recognized in the world sharing messages of Love caring and sharing with collectors from around the globe.

There are now thousands of pieces in this collection and new introductions are being offered every year.

Since its opening in 1989, Precious Moments Park in Carthage, Missouri has welcomed 400,000 visitors each year. There are no other collections that have touched so many hearts as Precious Moments. Their achieving goals by making the world a better place by helping others share the gift of love.

You can connect with Precious Moments via Facebook , @preciousmoment , Pinterest and Precious Moments Website .


  1. This is adorable I know a little newborn who would love this for his first Easter. Michelle P

  2. I just love Luffie the Lamb! And any child would just love to have this. I know of a few children I could look at gifting this and they would just adore it.

  3. Of course I know about Precious Moments! What I did not know is that they made plush animals as well as all those adorable porcelain ones! This is simply adorable and once he is ready your grandson is going to LOVE him!!