Saturday, April 22, 2017

JustFashionNow Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

Ladies, this post is coming out there for you. We recently facilitated a review for JustFashionNow , a new store offering amazing deals and sales for women's clothing.

Being a mom and custodial grandmother, I don't get too many chances to get out and shop for me. I don't get a chance to always see whats trending in women wear. I can't afford high end shopping, so its something I can't pay a lot of mind to. Then, I came across JustFashionNow , where you can get trendy clothing at affordable prices. Truth be told, if I can get what's hot this season at affordable prices, I'm like any other excited girl, ready to shop!

JustNowFashion offers 100% handmade items, including women's tops and bottoms, swimsuits, evening gowns and more. You can find unique beauty online!

There are many beautiful shirts and dresses to choose from. That was my only problem, I had a hard time choosing. I knew I wanted to go with the theme summer because its right around the corner. I decided on a casual statement shirt.

The statement shirt I received is a casual cotton-blend letter, half sleeve T-shirt with printed letters on it. The trendy, crew neck shirt features a few of my teen's favorite words "Yea, Okay, Whatever" across the sleeves and front of the shirt. I think the detail is cute. The quality of the white T-shirt is great. My daughter thinks loves the shirt and wants to model it for pictures. She laughed at the wording on the T-shirt, its something her and the other teens say regularly.

At JustFashionNow, they believe that style is everyone's life gear. Choosing the right stylish pieces to fill your wardrobe is quite significant in embracing your lifestyle. Their vast collection of Indie designer brands will cater to your specific style needs. They've got you covered from fancy evening gowns to decadent accessories.

The professional team of buyers at JustFashionNow identify all the latest fashion trends. They examine every detail of product quality. They work with emerging designers and brands worldwide, together they present collections of trendy, creative, high craftsmanship fashion.

The site JustFashionNow is easy to browse. You can browse the fashion products and once your ready to place an order you will be prompted to login or register.

Choosing your size is made easy with the "size guide". On each product page the size guide will show detailed product measurements. Generally, a medium fits the majority of customers but if your unsure click the size icon to see specific measurements.

Some of the amazing deals offered are for swimsuits that come in one piece or bikinis, cover-ups, scarves, leggings, skirts, jumpsuits, hoodies, blouses, Boho dresses and much more.

I like shopping from home. It just beats taking all the little ones into stores where they will eventually cause scenes because they're bored. So finding an online store where I can shop for this season's hot trending clothing was terrific. I love that you get high quality products at amazing and affordable prices.

You can connect with JustFashionNow via Facebook , Pinterest , @justfashionnow and JustFashionNow Website .


  1. i love shopping, getting new clothes would be awesome great post. Sounds awesome affordable prices a women would love.

  2. I actually perform 75% of my clothing and shoe purchases online. It's so much more convenient for me.

  3. I definitely need a couple more items for summer but finances are tight. I also am not a fan of shopping in stores in general. This place sounds like it was tailor made for me--on line--and at reasonable prices I can get what I need without the crowds!

  4. I love that everything is hadmade, what a treasure! I enjoy shopping from home too, so much easier!

  5. They have several items I really like and would want. They have some cute shirts!!!

  6. I frequently buy clothing online and am always looking for new stores/sites. This one is new. I will check it out.

  7. Looking good love to shop here

  8. I like they have a detailed size chart. Often different sites have different sizes compared to others so it's nice when they include measurements.

  9. I need to update my summer wardrobe and they have some really cute things

  10. I am loving all the colorful Maxi dresses they have, I love shopping online.

  11. Super cute things that they carry!

  12. I looked at their website and there are some nice clothes available. I love buying clothes.