Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Limited Edition Color Correct Collection by Hard Candy

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

Recently,   Hard Candy  gave us the opportunity to review their Limited Edition Color Correct Collection.

Allow me to insert "squeeal" here! I was excited about reviewing these color correct products from Hard Candy.

I have always liked to wear a bit of make-up. I wake up everyday with black circles around my eyes. It seems to be a problem for most of the woman in my family. I could be getting the proper amount of sleep and still look like I haven't slept in a week. I'm self conscious about those circles. I have tried many concealers and foundations. I have mixed them, and made my own trying to find the perfect blend. I could not wait to give these products a try. These color correct products from Hard Candy consists of three different products in a variety of shades to help correct any color imperfections.

Hard Candy's Color Expert Stick is a creamy, blend-able, pastel concealer. These color corrector sticks feature a pencil shape that is precise and easy to apply. The Expert Sticks help camouflage imperfections on the skin. You will not need a pencil sharpener for these products. I like that these products don't require a pencil sharpener, none of the product is wasted by having to use one. Their retractable, soft pencils that are suitable for both beginners and professionals.

The Expert Stick can be used under concealer or foundation, and get those tiny spots. They glide on easily, and can be used like the expert wand.

Hard Candy's Color Correct Expert Creme Wand, a color correcting creme that helps target skin imperfections. These color corrector wands feature a lightweight, easy to blend formula that melts right into the skin. A flexible brush applicator is soft on the skin and fits into all the contours of the face. This is very easy to apply.

The Color Correct Custom Blend Expert Palette is an all in one cream color correcting palette that helps neutralize skin discolorations. The soft, blendable creams deliver professional, quality results. The palette will leave your skin looking natural, even and perfected.

Hard Candy offers a palette for fair to light skin and medium to dark. The green and yellow in the fair to light palette targets redness. The pink targets dullness and sallowness. The peach color targets dark circles and spots. In the medium to dark palette, the lavender will target dullness and sallowness. The orange targets dark circles and spots.

The Color Correct Baked Powder from Hard Candy is a matte baked powder made with finely milled pastel pigments to help neutralize and camouflage discolorations and imperfections of the skin. A lightweight, sheer formula that has powerful coverage. This can be used before or after you put on your foundation. This matte baked powder helps set make-up, leaving a flawless even-toned finish.

The Color Correct Baked Finishing Powder is a baked, marbleized, pastel make-up finishing powder. This powder will not only set your make-up for the long wear but will help even out skin tones and minimize the appearance of skin discolorations and imperfections. This finishing powder will help combat redness, dullness, and dark circles. It will mask the imperfections and illuminate your complexion, leaving skin with a perfect, radiant look. This also is available in two shades for fair to light skin and medium to dark skin.

I like all the products and look forward to using them daily. My favorite of the products I received is the product you start off with. The Color Correct Radiant Primer is formulated with hydrating ingredients that blends easily into skin and provides a smooth, neutral base for beginning a make-up routine.

These primers, like the other products, come in six different shades.
  • A green radiant primer helps neutralize skin redness due to sunburn, rosacea, acne, and uneven skin.

  • The yellow Radiant primer helps neutralize mild skin redness due to mild sunburn and acne. This shade is great for all skin tones.

  • A pink Radiant primer will help neutralize dullness and sallowness on fair to light skin tones.

  • The Lavender Radiant primer helps neutralize dullness and sallowness on medium to dark skin tones.

  • A Peach Radiant primer helps neutralize dark circles and spots on fair to light skin tones.

  • An Orange Radiant Primer helps to neutralize dark circles and spots on medium to dark skin tones.

    These limited edition products are available at Walmart. There is only so many available so don't miss out on this great deal. You pay only $5.00 for one of these products. I am amazed by the price because the quality is great. I loved including these products in my daily make-up routine. Thank you Hard Candy!

    You can connect with Hard Candy via Wal-Mart Stores, Facebook , @HardCandyLife , Instagram , You Tube , Pinterest and Hard Candy Website .

    1. Nice. Can't wait to try some. Michelle

    2. Wow! Would love to try this line of products, will definately look for it next time I'm at WalMart!

    3. Great post! I need to try the color correct radiant primer! Sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing.

    4. These look like fabulous products - certainly great value for money. Also love the inclusion of the video at the bottom that adds even more information. Looking forward to checking these out for myself.

    5. I can't wait to try this! I'm always looking for ways to hide dark circles :)

    6. It is only recently that I have dark puffy circles under my eyes. I really want to try this product--anything to make me look alive again!

    7. That is a pretty color. I am not a huge make up wearer but I want to add this color to my collection.

    8. OH wow! MY daughters would love these, I don't wear much makeup but I know they do.