Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Scent Fill . com Review

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

We had the opportunity to facilitate a review for ScentFill.

I have been hearing awesome things about Scent Fill and wanted to give them a try. Scent Fill refills are universal and fit most name-brand plug in oil warmers from Glade, Air Wick, and Renuzit, just click it in your existing warmer!

Scent Fill’s formulas are made with pure, all natural essential oils.  All of the blends are made in the U.S., which allows the company to eliminate phthalates and reduce harsh chemicals. This means these products are more safe to use around your pets and children.Scent Fills are also manufactured and shipped right here in the U.S.A. All packages coming from Scent Fill are packaged nicely, with foam and double wall boxes.

Let me tell you about the wonderful scents I received

The first was called Relax Blend Plug in Refill with Lemon, Lavender & Eucalyptus. This is a woodsy, green scent with lavender and a lemony twist. This crowd pleaser is at a surprisingly economical price. Perfect for creating romantic ambiance in your bedroom or chilling out in larger common areas. This scent was made with 100% natural French Lavender, Florida lemon oil and Indonesian eucalyptus. These naturals combine to release an intoxicating blend. The blend can be used to facilitate sleep. The Lemon oil is believed to have aromatherapy benefits that support lymphatic system drainage. This Scent Fill can be used with Airwick, Glade, renuizit and many other brand plug in scented oil air fresheners.

I also reviewed the Mountain Air Plug in Scented Oil Refills. This is a vibrant fresh and green scent, woodsy nuances of eucalyptus combined with citrus notes to awaken your senses and bring the cool mountain air you. The Scent contains 100% natural eucalyptus and orange oil. This fragrance was developed and manufactured in the USA . The refills are also assembled in the USA. This refill can be used with Airwick, Glade, renuizit and other brand plug in scented oil air fresheners.

I loved the outdoorsy scents of both of these scents. They create an atmosphere where laying back and just breathing is calming and relaxing.

Another Scent Fill I reviewed was;

Fresh Linen Plug in Scented Oil Refill that will fit most warmers. Do you love freshly dried laundry as much as I do. I recommend this heavenly smell if so. The scent of freshly dried laundry and hints of citrus create a clean and cozy environment, wonderful for any room in your home. The scent of freshly dried laundry and hint of citrus create a clean and cozy environment. The Fresh linen scent is combined with a citrus blend combining of Bergamot, Orange Oil, Mandarin Oil, Lemon Oil and Caraway oil.The scent contains 100% natural essential oils. This fragrance also developed and manufactured in the USA.

The last Scent Fill I reviewed was the Island Essence Plug in Scented Oil Refill - Fits Most Warmers Glade Air Wick and more. This fragrance was inspired by island scents, flavors and notes of tropical fruits. Island essence will transport you to your own tropical getaway without ever leaving the house or office.Natural orange oils and sweet citrus notes create the essence of a tropical island to create a tropical vibe or theme. This blend was made in the USA.

I also received Air Wick plug-In to try these wonderful scents. It worked wonderful giving my home a nice fresh smell. None of them were over bearing, just enough to create that feeling of your either standing near the forest, or another scent has you standing on an island near the ocean. My favorite is the fresh linen.

I think it is important if your a parent or a person with health problems to watch what the products you use contain. I like that these products are all natural and made right here in the USA. I like to feel comfortable knowing I can create a home that smells wonderful and my children and pets are not breathing in anything that is toxic. Most wonderful about these products is the affordable prices. If your like me though, having a subscription to Scent Fill might be easier. I am so forgetful sometimes, so it would be nice to know that the Scent Fills will be sent right to my door when I need to refill my AirWick.

Scent Fill was started with the belief that there is a better way to bring you a high quality universal fit oil plug in warmer refills. Refills that are made with more essential oils and or all natural ingredients.

Scent Fill offers a variety of scented oil fragrances available though a recurring subscription service or one time purchase. Scent Fill scented essential oil refills provide pleasant aromatic fragrances in your space, improving your mood and sense of well being. Scent Fill is the only manufacturer of scented oil refills in the U.S.

If you have not tried out these wonderful aromas from Scent Fill, you just might be missing out!

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  1. The Island Essence and Fresh Linen would be my top choices for plug=in refills. I live the fact they are manufactured in the USA!

  2. The Fresh Linen scent is probably the one I would try first. I am allergic to flowery scents so those are out-achoo!! I really should try using one of these type scent dispensers in my apartment--I don't think my cat would disturb it-at the very least there is no flame!!

  3. Wonderful i would love to have a fresh linen scent. My teacher has a chocolate one or a cinnamon one it smells amazing.


  5. This is really great for me because I have so many of those old warmers lying around. I really love the tropical, fruits scents the most.

  6. I don't know what scent I'd choose because I like the smells of Gain, Tide and Febreeze lol I don't know what those scents are close to, or called. I do use the plug in air fresheners but as I said, the scents I buy are the scents of these detergents lol.

  7. I love the excellent review on ScentFill(dot)com. I am ready to try this out to see how great the scents are in my bathrooms and my kitchen.